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    A frank discussion

    Did the messenger arrive on a bicycle? JK all seriousness, since you're in and out of the public eye for many years and you say you have no one to see to your needs, might be a good thing to go on the show and see if you can get them to pay for the whole thing, and live the life you want...
  2. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    What is your current food obsession??

    Boba tea Boba tea Boba tea Boba tea Boba tea Boba tea Boba tea Boba tea !!!!! (I know, it's "Bubble" tea on the East coast.) But it's like my crack these days. "It's like eating a trampoline" say some, referring to the chewy tapioca balls at the bottom. BOBA ALL AROUND!
  3. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    A frank discussion

    Very tough decisions, but ones that can't wait. You don't mention physical pain - I imagine there is a lot of it. You sound like you're at the end of a long rope - that must be difficult to deal with. Do you have a support system such as a local mental health facility, someone you trust to...
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    Super Sized Surprises?

    Good question! 1. You don't leap up out of chairs unless something's on fire, or you have to go to the bathroom. 2. If a song comes on your audio system that you absolutely hate, you automatically try to calculate if it's worth the effort to get up and turn it off, or wait the three minutes...
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    What are you happy about today?

    I am happy I have food in the fridge, clothes in the closet, tibetan bells playing in the distance, peace in my heart and love in my life.
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    Your SO's initial reaction to your body

    Ohhhh my goodness...I shan't go there!
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    DazzAnn's excursion to the World of Art

    LOVE these! Bless you! :)
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    The thread for random single confessions!

    Some might not think this is funny, but I sure do. Got this email yesterday from a chaser online pal, who was checking in on me post-Corona :) Made me smile. "Are you fat?" is a positive, meaning she would be pleased.
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    Not me...I like cleaning, esp. for a very large woman, as well as cooking and so on. Not a problem. It's just something I like to do, regardless, it calms my mind down. My mom, who worked full time, raised me knowing how to take care of a house and to cook, and as an adult I've taken it to...
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    Awkward pick-up lines and topics

    If I ever form a cover band and we need a whistle after Eddie Van Halen's guitar solo in "Running With The Devil," I hope I can call on you and your Acme siren!
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    What did you buy today?

    Bought a beautiful chain to wear a pendant made for me by my jewelry-making nephew, an insignia of my late father's military service.
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    Your SO's initial reaction to your body

    OT, but this reminded me...I was in a community play some years ago and one of the older women there was quite, um, plump! It eventually came out (from her) that "After I left my husband, I gained 70 pounds in a year and, boy, was it a relief!" I glanced up and down and silently swooned, being...
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    I would recommend Feabie as a dating site to non-feeder/feedees.

    Hey, Sven, I hear you re: your experience at Feabie. But I look at it this way - when I was 18, did I have the slightest interest in anyone over 30? No. Not in a "get away!!!" type of way but in a "I can't possibly relate to you" way. I wanted my peers, their acceptance and approval, I lived in...
  14. LarryTheNoodleGuy

    Your SO's initial reaction to your body

    I don't care to share the many delicious experiences I've had regarding this subject in public, but then, again, I am something of an "odd duck" as one ex-girlfriend said. A girlfriend who went away for 3 weeks and came back and her eyes bulged out of her head for a brief second when she saw...
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    Your SO's initial reaction to your body

    A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E :)