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  1. Lear

    What kind of HS extracurricular activities did you do?

    I was vice president of the Anime Club.
  2. Lear

    Mentos bloating

    Regular soda works just fine. Diet Coke is used because that is what people used in the fountain clips. They used Diet Coke because it wasn't as sticky when they were cleaning up.
  3. Lear

    It's January 2nd. How Much Did You Gain Over The Holidays?

    I went whole hog and put on 25 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years Day
  4. Lear

    Your Current Size vs Goal Size

    Currently 387 on a 6' frame with a 70" belly Goal: 400 for now, probably 500 once I reach that.
  5. Lear

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    I work at a McDonald's and i'm apparently too fat to clean the lobby since I can't fit in our supply closet. Kinda thankful for this as its a super dull task in the morning.
  6. Lear

    What would be your reaction to this chair??

    If there was no penalty for breaking it I'd definitely try sitting in it, kind of hoping it would give under my weight.
  7. Lear

    Breaking Chairs!

    I've sat in some very sturdy chairs like that, but at 380 i'd still be looking for another place to sit first.
  8. Lear

    Gain More?

    If you want to gain then gain. You could probably double your previous gain before running into any problems aside from shrinking wardrobe and being generally wider. Remember to eat somewhat healthy and get some light exercise (i'm talking like walking or swimming, nothing strenuous that'll...
  9. Lear

    Fat folk, when was the last time you....

    I was working in a Hospital so making sure nobody is in obviously bad health is part of looking professional, even if a lot of us were quite heavy.
  10. Lear

    Fat folk, when was the last time you....

    Ran for more than a few steps? I'm going to assume you mean more than say 25 yards in which case it's been at least a year, probably longer. I'll run across the street but that's cause i don't trust local drivers, they've come dangerously close to me before. Played a team sport? League: never...
  11. Lear

    Any love for sort of "unconventional" bellies (aka fat apron)

    I've always loved a nice belly apron.
  12. Lear

    Memorable Car Commercial

    I remember seeing that, if you could give me a brand or something to go on i'm more than willing to help search for it.
  13. Lear

    What is your weight right now?

    I always love seeing projections like this, mostly because the data can be so easily skewed. If we go back a year I've gained about 15 pounds. Bringing me up to 385 (I've been a bit higher but 385 was today) which already has me in class 3 with a bmi of 53.7 so i'm going to drop the class info...
  14. Lear

    How many inches is your belly ?

    Well the last time i lost some weight i went from having a solid ball belly with a slight apron to having a very definite apron belly so I'd say that gravity may have played a factor. Lol if dieting would give me more belly hang I'd be all over it. I'm looking forward to gaining again but I'm...
  15. Lear

    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    I was helping clean up my church after a vacation bible school and i looked over and there was one of those mirrors that is supposed to be mounted on the back of a door. I was a good 15 feet back from it and both straight on and sideways i was too wide to fit in the mirror. I think i might be...