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  1. leina2009

    weight gain/modeling

    The newest picture of me is up on the Plus-Size Paysite page!!!
  2. leina2009

    weight gain/modeling That will take you to the mobile site. I just copied and pasted from my phone. Lol. :) the names different. That's what I want to change my name one here too. :) I don't have many, but I hope you like them!
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    weight gain/modeling

    I do have some pictures on my twitter.
  4. leina2009

    weight gain/modeling

    Thanks guys! I appreciate what you said. I'm thinking about starting as soon as I get a camers. :) also, I would love to post a picture. :) just not sure what to upload.
  5. leina2009

    weight gain/modeling

    I just never seem like I'm big enough. Lol. I've been stuck around 210. I just want to get bigger! I also want to start web modeling but doing that seems so far away. I want to start bow! Mini rant finished! Lol. Side note, anyone know how to change the user name on here? I want it to be my...
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    FA Relationships

    I just love how everyone says that it won't be able to work because she wasn't a feedee to begine with. I was 120 pounds, fitness nut, and long story short, I got with my boyfriend who's a feeder, and now I'm over 200 pounds and wanting to gain more. Have some faith. You never know how she will...
  7. leina2009

    What makes you feel sexy?

    Sexy lingerie, the right outfit, too small clothes, and stuffing myself. :)