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    RIP CastingPearls

    rest in peace casting pearls....
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    LGBTQA annoyances thread

    As older gay men in the gay community, that is what the community was called when I first came out over 30 years ago, I really do not see the new community as I am old clone and prefer it that way. What annoys me is that the younger community does not acknowledge for the struggles with had to...
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    Question for the bisexuals

    A question, do you hang with mostly women or men in real life? do you prefer to have dinner or dancing with men or women? and do you bring them home for family dinners?
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    When the wife diets successfully

    I was not going to ring on this but after a while, the weight does not even matter. My partner is 7 4 and 350lbs and I do not see the height or the weight and all I see if my beautiful husband. Due to being on a few meds for diabetics and such, my sex drive and my manhood no longer works but he...
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    Any Other BHM's trying to lose weight?

    I personally walk everyday which is the best I can do as I have a plethora of ailments due two heart attacks and other ailments. I would never ever over train myself even when I was 20 something...not my style. I do not need to be the center of attention in life then or now. I commend the...
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    nice to see one that is so full
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    I thought I would drop in and show me and my very long beard that is still growing. for some reason my pic is not showing up.
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    just me after a shower
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    unpopular opinions thread

    when I worked for sprint and customer who have not paid there bill in sometime and asking about upgrade to their phone. I would tell them how about your bill and then upgrade or I tell them to call customer service and ask them and btw are you making a payment? and if not, I shut their...
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    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    which my beard growing out and my gotee growing longer and longer.
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    Any Other BHM's trying to lose weight?

    is not good for ones heart and either stay where you or risk the chances down the road of heart damage. and prepare to get a new set of friends who will love you at your thinner side of life. there was a study years ago I do believe before any of you were born about some people are...
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    Gentlemen, Post An Awesome Pic Of Yourselves

    A new pic of me with my long go tee. :)
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    Pet Peeves!

    when someone says cool or qurl or basically over and over and over and when someone responds in a one word sentence. when that happens I stop talking to them. :mad:
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    Any Other BHM's trying to lose weight?

    will cause your wallet to be has been my experience that walking or running are the best exercise or buying some weights are the best. or even renting some videos that are years old about fitness are still the best value. This market you are talking about is about making money and...
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    What's your favorite depressing song? by bobby goldsboro