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    Fantasy and Ideal BHMS from TV/Movies/Ect?

    You all have said many that I like as well I also like Jonah Hill. yes and many more but I will start from here. :happy:
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    Woke up and decided to take some pictures...check it out :)

    Vegas :) I now its far :(:happy:
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    The thread for random single confessions!

    I now I am very late for this but I confess that I have two dachshunds and there awesome. LOL ok I confess that my fav song is Banana pancakes good beat.:happy:
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    to all the sexy bhm

    I am a person that likes all typs LOL Maybe not the best response. I am not a wonderful BBW OR SSBBW I am just a ffa that likes bhm. :P:happy:
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    Where is the BHM art?

    Oh sorry about that I just like to look around. :(
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    Belly library (men/women)

    hay big chaz lookin good nice love handles :P
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    Where is the BHM art?

    WOW you sure are talented I wish I could draw that good lovly drawings
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    BHM Pin-up Calender

    Oh I now I am late on this but I would so buy this it would be awsome did it happen.:happy:
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    Attached or looking?

    :) glad you think so
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    What do You BHM's Look For in a Girl?

    lol thanksbig chaz
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    BHM Melanie's Muse: Part 1- 7 - By Molly (~BHM, ~Sex, Romance)

    lol sorry for all my comments this story is wonderful if it was like a book short story I really would by it. I look for books like this and come back empty handed. thank you once again can't wait to read something once again. :P
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    BHM Melanie's Muse: Part 1- 7 - By Molly (~BHM, ~Sex, Romance)

    This is great I just want to keep reading and I don't read much but this broght my attention and I am sticking to it I don't want to lose my spot.
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    BHM Melanie's Muse: Part 1- 7 - By Molly (~BHM, ~Sex, Romance)

    Oh my gosh so wonderful if you ever wrote a book I would by it in a heart beat. just love it. I glace at big guy like that to but they don't consider me thinking there just Hot but thinking I am in dilike but no I am more so admiring them. :)
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    ladies... what ya think???

    Lucky gf :)
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