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  1. Lina

    comic book nerds UNITE!

    It was taking me forever but I am now all caught up with The Walking Dead. I waited to watch the show until I finished and now I can't wait for Vol #15 and season 2!!
  2. Lina

    Fun with Nails!

    Bored on the day after Christmas ...
  3. Lina


    I am in desperate need/want of a yellow mini skirt. I even tried to make one and that failed soooo bad. Maybe Santa will be nice this year? (By magically making this skirt and then delivering it to me for FREE)
  4. Lina

    Fun with Nails!

    I'm all over the Konad zebra print
  5. Lina

    just wondering

    Wit Da Fur!!!
  6. Lina

    Who Was The Biggest Impact on Your Road To Self Acceptance?

    I LOVE this thread! My biggest influence was a therapist who specializes in weight loss. I started seeing her when I was getting preparing for weight loss surgery. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety because of my weight and she was helping me become more comfortable with my body and get out...
  7. Lina

    Plus Sized Singer Heads Up Project LifeSize

    First of all, the casting call wasn't only for women. Second, Meghan wasn't asking for only sexy and beautiful. She was looking for people who are confident, smart and funny. (Obviously, She did a great job picking the people!) Everyone is sexy and beautiful in their own way and that is part...
  8. Lina

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    Saw Kick-Ass and it was pretty Kick-Ass. I had a Nicholas Cage boner the whole time ...
  9. Lina

    When FAs Miss the Mark

    who's hating?
  10. Lina

    When FAs Miss the Mark

    If I made a comment like "Wow, my boobs are awesome and bouncy", that IS asking for your attention but not an invitation to grope them. The same goes for bellies. Also - Claiming several girls 'lead you on' is something 'those' kinda guys say. :)
  11. Lina

    When FAs Miss the Mark

    You are so right about the car thing. I am a public transit person and the worst moment ever is when a bus is leaving or arriving when you are a block away and you have to either run for the bus or wait the extra 30 mins for the next one. When I'm alone I will wait happily, but sometimes...
  12. Lina

    When FAs Miss the Mark

    You had her hanging out of the car!!?? Stan!! lol
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    When FAs Miss the Mark

    Every FA/FFA have a lot of expectations to live up to and things can always get mixed up and things don't work out. I've just come across some funny/interesting situations that although they weren't intentional, I thought were comical and wanted to hear other's experiences. My latest one...
  14. Lina

    Being fat and traveling on your own

    From my experience this year in Africa, 1. The flight might have some empty seats so don't be shy to ask to move. My flights often were only half full so it worked out. Also check in early and get inline to board early. (Basically do all airplane stuff early) 2. I suck up to people when...
  15. Lina

    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    um way to not post the BEST picture. My sister is Robin <3