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    Cat Nordling Oake !

    I'm glad she has a separate thread now. Deserves it.
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    Can you pick up women at a Chinese buffet?

    My $.02: The key word here in my mind is friendly. Friendly, no-pressure, actually reading the other person's cues. If they're not returning your glances, if they look like they want to be left alone -- leave em alone. I was at a buffet recently a few times by myself and each time I happily...
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    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    I'm sorry to say I can totally picture someone doing that, ungh, how awful. You are lucky other people were around to see the interaction and call her out on it. There was no way to react -- I was in my car and her kids should not have been in the street, so I never would have stopped and put...
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    FA Reality Check

    There is a fine line between a measured estimation of the issues that arise from being an FA and trying to talk fellow FAs out of being in a relationship with a SSBBW based on your own experiences. Your (repeated) comments quite often fall into the latter category, which sucks. I know you think...
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    "Worry about your own kids, fatass!"

    I had a woman scream something very similar at me as she jaywalked across the street with her kids in front of a parking lot exit I was driving my car out of. Screamed to 'watch where I was going, fatass' -- with this real hate in her voice and face. People act very badly when they feel...
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    The new owners don't buy the site/software though, quite, they buy people - users. Traffic. Us. As such -- I mean, it's always -- totally normal/fine for users to want to know what the rules/new rules are in a place to make decisions on their participation. For users to make their own...
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    Some more information here, period, would be great. Info = good.
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    Looks like chat is gone for good.

    aww. bye chat forum!
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    How do I make my girlfriend gain weight?

    Probably should be on the Weight Board, then.
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    How do I make my girlfriend gain weight?

    1. Look up the word "consent" in the dictionary.
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    ullo ullo! how U B

    ullo ullo! how U B
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    Describing "Fat" in a way that is decent and preserves the dignity of others

    Sometimes the words big or large can work like fat, if you need them. They have the same virtue of being (somewhat) literally descriptive and not relative/based on judgement/etc. Overweight is pointless. Extra pounds is pointless. Both indicate that there's another way someone should be...
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    So who owns Dimensions now?

    I've been worried about this for much longer than the last few months, to be honest. But anyhow, in general: it's 2014. Transparency! Information is good.