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    The Social Pandemic of Loneliness during COVID-19

    I think of creative things to do when I feel lonely to lift my mood, boost my outlook, and turn things around.
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    How Does Your Current Situation Affect You And Your Health?

    I feel stressed at times, I don't get to see my family because I don't want to compromise my parent's health. I have no social life for now that's why there are times that I feel low. I am hoping that this situation ends soon.
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    Physical & Mental Health During COVID-19

    I stay home most of the time and wear masks whenever I go out. With my mental health, I make sure that I talk to friends and family even through video chats. I also do yoga and meditation
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    My belly button *popped*

    Congratulations! have a safe and happy pregnancy
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    Things to do/participate in during self-quarantine

    I'm spending my time doing the dishes and laundry, I am now an expert. 😁
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    I just Quit drinking

    that's great, I hope the splint works so there's no need for surgery.
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    Favorite Healthy Drink

    Water, I also mix 2 tbsps apple cider with warm water and add chia seeds, I also love making lemonade
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    Sleeve gastrectomy

    Risks associated with the surgical procedure can include: Excessive bleeding Infection Adverse reactions to anesthesia Blood clots Lung or breathing problems Leaks in your gastrointestinal system Death (rare)
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    What is your current food obsession??

    Just keep calm and lets eat....kimchi!
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    Show Off Your Tattoos

    wow, that rocks!
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    Natural Remedies and Homeopathic Suggestions

    Essential oils can do so much! DiGize works for all stomach problems.
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    Home Remedies

    Honey, lemon, warm water - For cough and colds Baking soda, 1 glass of water - UTI Turmeric tea - pain and swelling
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    Prenatal yoga

    Try SarahBethYoga's prenatal on YT.
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    Body hair

    hairy body is great because it serves as protection against the sun and gives warm when it's cold.
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    Type 1 diabetes

    Insulin was not created so that companies selling it could become wealthy. It was created so that the people around the world diagnosed with type 1 diabetes could have a chance in life. So live life to the fullest and take good care of it.