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    May we have a BHM/FFA weight and size thread?

    5'9", 150ish at the moment due to antidepressants. Goal is to get back to 140's. I like taller than me, 350+, belly-heavy dudes with good muscle tone underneath. Oh, and hi. Been gone for a few years.
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    Everybody likes new pictures

    My-oh-my... You look fan-fucking-tastic, Darling. *drools* Love the body, adore the smile ;] Perfection <3
  3. Love.Metal

    Finally posting I guess.

    You were born in a waterfall?? That must be why you make me so wet ;]
  4. Love.Metal

    sex with a SSBHM? your experiences?

    aaaaaand now I need new undies.
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    sex with a SSBHM? your experiences?

    :blink:.....go onnnn....... *panting* I'm now re-living my experiences with my ex-BHM, and I have to say that his belly resting on me during naughty-time was the hottest thing ever. I myself have fantasized frequently about a SSBHM rendezvous...has yet to happen though. Until...
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    Interesting article -America's Fat Hatred

    Thank you for sharing, I don't have anything insightful to add except that the topic pisses me off. *duh* It was an interesting read, though, for sure. Hope you're doing well, by the way :]
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    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    God dammit Melian!!! Creamed mah panties. You look hotter than Lulu...that's for sure *drools* You're wearing that when you come visit me.
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    Baby Ivy Is Here!!!!!!!

    OMIGAWD!!!!!!!!! George and Bexy!!!! You two make the most beautiful children on the planet! A huge congratulations to you both, and thank you for giving us glimpses of your gorgeous little miracle--I can't believe how something so tiny can hold so much beauty. Big loves to all of...
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    What's your latest kick?

    Curry Party at your place!!! ;]
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    What's your latest kick?

    *sigh* My darling, we must rendezvous...for I,too, enjoy cooking with asparagus and frequently design tats for others. I...I think we should have internet babies... So apparently my latest kick is my crush on Melian. Although this is not recent. But I am also prone to recent bouts of...
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    Girls That Like Big Guys Post Pics And Any Comments Here

    Thank you, Sexy Missus ;] And I'm lovin' your new hair, very sassy and cute. <3
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    ...D-d-d-d-Dr. P????? NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! *sniffle* Hold me 'till I get over it...
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    It's good to be back, Sexy Sir ;] <3
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    Oh, very well, thanks ;] And can I just say...I adore the boobage in your avatar pic. It's spectacular. Kudos for the glorious boobs. And good ta see ya again ;] <3 <3 <3
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    More To Love TV Show

    Can I just say that this guy's cute? Not big enough for my tastes, but adorable none the less. And I will not watch this show, because I don't watch tv. And even if I did, the crying girls irritated me. It seems like they are just trying to portray bigger girls as desperate because no one...