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    What Happened to Sophia Rose/FYI Desi Rose

    Yeah FF is the site I caught the Indian Goddess on. But hey FA thanks for the referral to Plump Pass. You're right Sophia is sexier than ever! She is so hot!Wow!
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    What Happened to Sophia Rose/FYI Desi Rose

    Does Sophia Rose post in the paysite forum anymore? Also, has anyone seen Desi Rose's site: she is a very attractive young Indian woman.
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    Hot'n'Juicy by steve aka (USBBW, Feeding, Stuffing, Immobility, XXWG)

    Kudos, my friend! I heartily endorse your concise, "get-to-the point,glamorous, extremely gluttonous and immobile goddess" description. I kept thinking of what she said at the beginning while I indulged my mind in her vast, decadently fat body - to be sexy, the SSBBW must BELIEVE she is a sexy...
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    Kirstie Alley is fat again...

    #1: She's naturally sexy to me #2: She's physically more so fat #3: She's got no indepence with her bowing to the thin model ideal #4: She's a bitch cause she refused to play the character Savik in Star Trek III;)
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    Jamie Got Fat by Someyoungguy SSBBW, Extreme Eating, ~XWG

    Enjoyed it. Gluttony AND Laziness - and out of shape SSBBW - all erotic stuff!
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    my boyfriend wanted some sexy pics... let me know what you think :)

    The second pic is overwhelming! All are gifts to mankind! A true goddess!!!
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    Are BIG BELLYS the new big butt?

    Oh, were it in my power!!
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    Are BIG BELLYS the new big butt?

    While I cannot forsake my worship of huge fannies, a large, fat, bloated, hanging belly is icing on the goddess cake.
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    My gain so far.....*PICTURES*

    What a goddess!:wubu:
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    Flaunting your fat.

    Very refreshing openness and very sexy imagery, Sugar!:)
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    Post Pictures of Corseted BBWs?

    Is that "sticking it out" or "letting it go?" Looks great!:)
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    Post Pictures of Corseted BBWs?

    I agree that the custom made corsets are the only real ones. Unless they are "foundation garments" they don't count in my book. That's why they were invented in the first place -
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    Post Pictures of Corseted BBWs?

    Check out the Corsettry 101 with Sophia Rose and look at updates OR Sophia's newest update is posted on the paysite forum
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    Post Pictures of Corseted BBWs?

    Hey, this thread is so long I may have already commented...Anyway, corsets holding in feminine fat are clearly hot. Also girdles....especially as they are being squeezed into....:)