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    The comic book (Jesus Christ Marie, they're graphic novels) thread

    this was really nice yakatori. thanks for sharing!
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    What are y'all planting this year?

    my dear friend ho ho dropped a not so subtle hint ;) that i should post on this thread with an here ya go! my garden is in full swing. i have 21 indeterminate tomatoes in the wood chip bed. right now they are about a foot or so high and just getting their first set of flowers...
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    Do you order groceries?

    i also post on a garden forum. one of the guys on there ordered meat through a company called zaycon. he says the meat is awesome and a better deal than the stores. you order online and get a conf number. then they pick a delivery point in your area, a giant refridge truck pulls up and gives...
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    i have to vent! i ordered some clothes online from woman within. i got the customary email that said 'hey, your clothes were delivered!'. i checked the mailbox. nothing. i checked both porches. nada. i got on ww live chat to see what i do. there was tracking, but it said they were...
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    Ordinary Food, Eaten Unusually

    i have essential tremor. when i eat out i usually order mashed potatoes with my peas/corn so i can 'stick' them to the mashed when i try to eat them. when i eat a cupcake, i pull the bottom cake part off and put it on top of the icing. that way you can eat it without getting messy fingers and...
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    The Official Joke Thread :D

    what do you call a bear with no teeth? a gummy bear :p
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    What are y'all planting this year?

    here's the tomatoes after their emergency transplant and the little onion bed i threw together for my candy onions.
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    What are y'all planting this year?

    been so busy now that the weather warmed up. have some alaska peas in the garden bed. they are up and out and a couple of inches tall now. i put up a chicken wire trellis for them to crawl up. hopefully they will stick around long enough to get some peas. i put some bush beans in the...
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    How to handle a hot-head? sounds like the guy is feeling a bit too secure in his place. like he feels like a) they won't fire me, we're friends b) i have been here a long time and i do what i want c)i know i am goofing off, but hey, they are afraid of me so they won't rock the boat and set me off. this is...
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    What are y'all planting this year?

    hi tad! yeah! i am glad you are looking forward to planting things. home grown tomatoes are the best! this is the frost date charts from farmer almanac. it should give you an idea of what your last frost date is for your area. you will...
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    What are y'all planting this year?

    :) sounds like you will really enjoy the fruits of your labor
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    custom made mens pants/shirts? Help!

    i am with paul on this one. since he would need to have proper measurements done, you will want to find someone local. try contacting a few of the local tailors to see if they would make a house call for measurements. unfortunately yes, it probably will be super expensive. even for non...
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    What are y'all planting this year?

    well, i did get my onion beds built. the onions are going in tomorrow. we had a couple of nights of cold weather here earlier this week, so i think that has passed for a bit. want to get them in tomorrow before the next round of rain moves in. i am soaking my peas overnight tonight. they...
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    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    we had omelets for dinner last night :) i have a ton of eggs to use up, so was a good way to get through a few. we had caramelized onion and mushrooms with cheddar on top. they got a bit toward brown by the time i got the bottom to where it would not break when i flipped it, but they were...
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    What are you having for breakfast

    the last of the leftover cold london broil on wheat bread with mayo, lettuce and chopped onion. breakfast of champions!