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    Cleavage The 2 girls on 90 Day Fiance make custom bras. I'm not sure about pricing though.
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    BHM/FFA stalking question. Kind of a downer thread.

    I've had a few female stalkers and can only imagine how horrible it must be for a female being stalked by a male. It's a sign of mental illness, an inability to accept rejection or a breakup gracefully. I've had my home broke into, neighbors asked for info, friends harassed online, assaults...
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    Couple Things

    Having had a few LTRs with very long periods of being single, here are my must haves. Making one on one time for the other person, no matter how busy you are with work and life. Doing something that doesn't interest you, but they enjoy and want to share with you. Notice and appreciate the...
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    A chubby redhead I met in Worcester, Mass in the mid 90s. She was driving a cab out of a driveway and caught my eye. We exchanged numbers and the attraction was immediate. We had great chemistry and shared good times while I was there. Also the BBW that lived upstairs from me in Worcester. She...
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    I love the scene of him showing up on that bike, it fit him perfectly. That bike burned into my teenage brain.
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    What is your current food obsession??

    I've been working on my spaghetti skills as well. I don't "freeze any" as some have suggested, but eat every day until it's gone. 😁😁😁😁
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    What is your current food obsession??

    It's "always been tacos". If a van pulled up and it said "Free Tacos" I'd jump in, never to be heard from again.....
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    What did you buy today?

    Look up "Livi Rae Lingerie". Saw them on 90 Day Fiance. They make custom bras in any size.
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    BBW/SSBBW dating stereotypes...

    This is a very delicate subject to discuss these days, as anything can be perceived as racist in the current climate. I can only tell you what I heard first hand (late 90s) from a friend (co-worker, commuting buddy) who I spent many Happy Hours in discussions after work with. I asked him what...
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    How common are closeted fat admirers?

    I think there are still closeted males that admire from afar, secretly wishing they could work up the courage to openly pursue the object of their desire. Despite our supposedly being "adults", we're really still 7th grade boys, seeking acceptance of our peers and fearing judgement or ridicule...
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    A serious question for the ladies about huge breasts

    "Mel KM" 34Cs are legit, and you are a beautiful woman.
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    A serious question for the ladies about huge breasts

    I have a friend who's wife underwent a breast reduction without his knowledge. It completely changed the relationship. She altered her body unnecessarily (knowing he was a breast man and loved her huge hangers), but doing it behind his back. The doctor botched the surgery and left her with very...
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    Your First Internet BBW

    Pre-internet: aging myself here, it was Roberta Smallwood, Melanie Anton (Plumpers of Sundance Spa) and the absolutely stunning "Ildiko" (Plumper Therapy) who oozed raw sensuality.
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    Need some advice

    Well..... how'd it go? "Enquiring" minds want to know. 😁😁😁😁