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    BHM Acid Orchid ~FFA, SSBHM, Friends with Benefits, Romance

    Part of me would love to re-work it and I still have ideas about it all the time. But I think it wound up being too conflicted to be done well. Meaning I felt really invested in the characters and giving them a happy ending, but I also didn't feel motivated to write a weight gain fetish story...
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    BHM Acid Orchid ~FFA, SSBHM, Friends with Benefits, Romance

    Aww thanks a lot! There used to be a (unfinished) sequel but I deleted it off of here because I foolishly included quite a bit of information from my own life that I didn't want out there online anymore (and also I wasn't very happy with how it turned out and couldn't stop thinking of things I...
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    How do you delete posts here?

    I see thanks for the info. Who is a mod here?
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    How do you delete posts here?

    I don't see any way of doing it.
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    Feeling sad that I'll never get to participate in this aspect of my sexuality again. Loose rant from retired FFA that might be interesting to no one.

    So what I'm hearing is the correct solution probably isn't to beg the TikTok couple to have a threesome with me the next time we visit my husband's parents back in England lmao.
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    Feeling sad that I'll never get to participate in this aspect of my sexuality again. Loose rant from retired FFA that might be interesting to no one.

    I've known I had a feeder fetish for most of my life, even before I knew any of these terms or that it was a thing. When I was around 19 or 20 I learned about the whole scene both through this website and others, and started being open about it and talking about it a lot more. I attempted to...
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    Is She a Feeder

    I dunno man, if you watch that snapchat video about them, it shows pictures from the beginning of their relationship and he was dramatically smaller back then, so by that definition it seems likely she is actively a feeder. Especially since they have mukbangs on their Patreon and stuff, I would...
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    Is She a Feeder

    These people's TikTok is probably the first time I've ever seen such positive explicitly FFA videos anywhere *that isn't porn). I love it, they're both so gorgeous I am obsessed. It's just great to see people offering the mainstream a more light-hearted fun look at being a feeder or FA. I...
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    Hypothetical: How fat would you get if it was only for 24 hours?

    I would first want to switch genders then I would want to be 550+. I never understood why, but even though big women are attractive to me as other people, the thought of gaining weight as a woman is off-putting to me. But the thought of being able to be a man for a bit and gain a ton of weight...
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    FFA/BHM romances on film

    This movie called Wade in the Water on Amazon Prime was pretty good. It's not really a romance, I can't say more without spoiling it. But it is at least good eye candy and seems like a romance for a good chunk of it.
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    Telling my fiancé that I am a FA

    I wouldn't frame it as a sexual identity or a fetish. In my experience, making it seem like a big deal upsets people. I've never gotten so far as telling a fiancé, but when I have 'come out' about this to people I've dated they've all reacted strongly negatively. And I think that's because the...
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    When do you decide a story is done? (How big is too big?)

    This is something I have a hard time with too. I have a story now that I think has gotten unreasonably long. And I have an ending mostly written but it is way way too long and I'm struggling to figure out how to condense it. I do think 130 pages is probably a fine length though. That's really...
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    Ethan Suplee when he was on Boy Meets World was probably the first famous one, when I was a pretty young child. The kid from Holes was the first fictional/written one, I was furious and low-key heartbroken when they cast him as Shia Labeauf in the movie.
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    SSBHM in literature recommendation

    The only extreme one I can think of is Baron Harkonnen in Dune. But that is a very extremely negative depiction. Maybe the main guy in Confederacy of Dunces might count too. I can think of lots of more moderate BHM characters in books though.
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    About The Erotica Thread?

    I'd also like to opt in