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Recent content by MaryElizabethAntoinette

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  1. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Happy Birthday, Melian!

    Happy Birthday you!! I hope it's a great one!
  2. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    What are you happy about today?

    I almost spit my tea out on my computer when I read that. Hah!
  3. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Happy Birthday MaryElizabethAntoinette!

    Hah! Exactly. :p Luckily I was only throwing up. I have the worst stomach, so whenever I get sick... it hits me in the stomach before it has time to get any further. I guess that's lucky, but it also sucks being easily nauseated. Maybe that's why I love big guys... unlike me, they usually...
  4. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Happy Birthday MaryElizabethAntoinette!

    Damn that whole, "You gotta spread rep around before repping this person again" shit. :doh:
  5. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Happy Birthday MaryElizabethAntoinette!

    Thanks so much guys!! :happy: Unfortunately, both Chris and I got a stomach bug that's going around... so I actually ended up missing my own birthday party. Pretty lame, but ya know how it is, shit happens. xP
  6. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Happy Birthday LeoGibson

    Ooo, happy birthday you!!! Hope it was a great one! <3
  7. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    What gives you a boost?

    Cuddling with my doggies gives me a boost. After all, they're man's best friend for a reason.
  8. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    Welcome to Dims!! I love reading about astronomy as well. Moreso cosmology than astronomy. It's silly how both of those words usually need clarification. When you say "astronomy" usually people think you're referring to astrology, and when you say "cosmology" usually people think you're...
  9. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    What video game title describes your sex life?

    Final Fantasy VIII Cuz my sex life is dependent upon my imagination. And hell, Squall from FFVIII is actually pretty hot for a thin video game character.
  10. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    What are you happy about today?

    So I've been wicked depressed and miserable for the past few months... and I happened to have my yearly physical a week or so ago. Apparently, when they took blood, they discovered that I was severely malnourished. I had very low iron, magnesium, and vitamin D. So yeah, no effin' wonder I...
  11. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Hapy Birthday likeitmatters

    Ooo, Happy Birthday!! (even though it's a little late now) likeitmatters is a sweetheart, so I hope he had an uber good birthday. <3
  12. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    Dat .gif!

    This thread is so awesome that I've actually had to save some of these for future use/amusement.
  13. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    How do you handle compliments in your relationships?

    Hehe yeah, it's cool. We've gotten it all ironed out now.
  14. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    How do you handle compliments in your relationships?

    I wasn't even asking for an apology, although it would be nice. I just said I was insulted by you calling me a "dumb ****". And your response is to continue to attack me. To be completely honest, I've been going through a lot of shit. And this really is the last thing I need. I'm...
  15. MaryElizabethAntoinette

    How do you handle compliments in your relationships?

    Hence, in my original post, I mentioned the fact that my boyfriend enjoys his size, which is in stark contrast to what the OP said her boyfriend felt. Because of that obvious fact... I highly doubt my original post was going to inspire her to run off and call her boyfriend a "fat fuck"...