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  1. mathfa

    I just want to know how

    I've heard of this, there's whole communities into this sort of thing. I believe it is called "sounding". Each to their own, but man that sounds painful!!!
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    Cute FA things

    I remember there being a tumblr page shared awhile ago called cute-feedism-things. Basically it was a place to share the sweeter, gentler side of feedism. That said, most of the posts on there were very fetish-specific. I thought maybe making a general thread here might be a fun idea! Basically...
  3. mathfa

    Any baseball fans here?

    I currently dislike the Jays.
  4. mathfa

    Fat Discrimination 😡

    Agreed. I'm somewhat skeptical it was just about her attire after reading that. That said, airlines are awful about this stuff. Especially this one apparently.
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    One Completely Random Song Lyric

    She's elliptical Also political All so spiritual Not superficial Yeah, she's tropical Yes, she's illogical Those little girls are a pest Big girls are the best
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    Hi.. Is anyone into photography?

    Went to the Bog Walk today with my girlfriend, it truly felt like an alien landscape, so very cool to walk out of the forest into this landscape. Also got to see pitcher plants in the wild!!! Final picture shows me!
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    Any baseball fans here?

    The Mets season has been wild. Lindor has always been somewhat overrated, but I really expected the rest of their core players to do better than they have. Plus the chaos upstairs hasn't ceased.
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    Tips for going to gym with plus-size partner

    Thank you both! I'm sorry it seemed like sort of a dumb question, sometimes just typing things out like this helps me understand things. If I think about how to ask a question then eventually I get to an answer. I appreciate the wisdom!
  9. mathfa

    Tips for going to gym with plus-size partner

    Hello all, As I have mentioned before on here, I am a thin guy in a relationship with a beautiful, larger lady. She asked to start coming with me to the gym together soon, and today made a comment asking me to not be too "hardcore" (trust me, I'm not 😄), and I kind of got the vibe she was a...
  10. mathfa

    Are fat women more ticklish than average sized gals ?

    My lovely, large girlfriend is not ticklish at all, but I am a very thin guy who is extremely ticklish. Two data points against the hypothesis.
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Looks great CW! Impressive work.
  12. mathfa

    Folks whose desires are firmly tied into FA-ness, have you had crushes on slim folks?

    That's interesting that you bring up your BMI preference there. There was a study awhile back that showed that self-identified FAs actually have more attraction to underweight women than do the general population. I found that interesting, and pretty obvious evidence that once you are freed from...
  13. mathfa

    FA peerdom as a part of the FA experience

    I do greatly wish that I could have a friend who is an FA. I don't have a ton of friends though, and in general have trouble making friends with other men, I find women easier to talk to I guess. So my sample size is not amazing. I've only ever known one FA in real life (although many others...
  14. mathfa

    Is it hypocritical redux; to be attracted to fat while remaining thin?

    I mean, I am an underweight person. A few years ago I did struggle with some dysmorphia and minor anorexia, although the reason I'm so thin is more genetics, I eat a ton nowadays and am only moderately active. I've had certain feelings about overweight people since I was a young kid, but it...
  15. mathfa

    F/FA body types

    I by the way am technically underweight (BMI 18.4). Not super muscular despite my best efforts.