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    Two weeks from surgery. 254 pounds when I started three months ago. Now down to 227 (surgeon required it). Still a 48DD, but my tummy is a lot softer and squishier.
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    I'm back, and I'm a different gender now.

    Now two weeks away. Payments made. Travels planned.
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    Single, Attached, Looking?

    Single, almost post-op male to female. Looking for partner in the Minnesota area who is looking for an adult nursing relationship.
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    The Picture Thread

    My contribution. I call this outfit "The Bitch in Black". Yes, I AM transgendered.
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    What do you smell like?

    I've been transitioning for six and a half years. At this point (due to hormones and testosterone suppression) I pretty much "smell" female. Especially my genitals and armpits. It was one o the first major changes to my body, and I love it!
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    I'm back, and I'm a different gender now.

    I remember you, and I'm about two and a half months away from my own surgery (and climbing he walls with anticipation).
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    I fully intend to be sedated when I go under the knife. Go to sleep. Wake-up after a visit from the vagina fairy.
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    I've found that talking about how gender reassignment surgery is in my future, followed by a graphic description of the process works wonders at curbing interests.
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    The musical instruments thread! Sound off on what you like!

    I play guitar, but I collect electronic keyboards.
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    The Picture Thread

    So, here I am finally getting it right at 57. Becoming the BBW I always admired (and wanted to be). i'm on the left. No regrets. No Retreat. No surrender.
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    I'm four and 3/4 years in to my transition and more changes then I can shake a stick at. Still well-centered in who I am (even if I'm not always happy, well, who is). My transition has gone well. I have a 92 year-old mother who accepts me and actually goes shopping with me. Bottom surgery...
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    Reintroduce yourselves!

    Hi Rhonda! Nice to know I'm not the only one over 50 here. We both wear it well!
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    MtF 55 H.R.T., but pre-op
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    I've got boobs

    Speaking as a 55 year-old T-woman.... Boobs Rock!
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    Reintroduce yourselves!

    Hi, I'm a 55 year-old pre-op transgendered woman. Comfortable with my size. Happy to be me. This is the part of a professional photo shoot that I was invited to be a part of. It was probably one of the best experiences of my life. Making me realize that I am most certainly a woman. This is...