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  1. McStephanton

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Went to a lovely cafe in North London with a friend and she kept taking photos when I wasn't ready lol
  2. McStephanton

    No Make up! Who's brave enough!?

    Thank you! And apologies for the photo being really huge :eek:
  3. McStephanton

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Me with the pouty face for my blog lmao.
  4. McStephanton

    Meet BBWs in their 20s

    The club scene has never been my things so I find it hard also to meet FAs within my age group; it's kinda annoying really!
  5. McStephanton

    The show your face/introduction thread

    Hello everyone - I just joined yesterday :) Name: Stephanie Age: 25 Location: London, UK Profession: Medical Secretary Music: Everything except heavy metal/folk and most rock Likes: Ponies Dislikes: Phonies. (LOL)