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  1. Mel KM

    Belly library (men/women)

    Well, it looks good on you!
  2. Mel KM

    You know you are an FFa when.......?

  3. Mel KM

    You know you are an FFa when.......?

    This is a common tactic for me on cold lonely nights lol I miss having a pillow boyfriend haha
  4. Mel KM

    Can BHMs make money as content creators?

    Yes! Do this! We need more chonky man eye candy! 🤩
  5. Mel KM

    Does anyone else HATE this fetish?

    Yesssssss. Sometimes this fetish is the WORST! I am very very attracted to fat men, and I am actually fairly kinky, in that it’s a turn on to watch/help a fat man gain and grow. But sometimes it takes over. It has made me make lots of bad choices over the years, and it has ruined a good...
  6. Mel KM

    Visceral fat issues?

    For the record, yes, I loved your squishy underbelly, but I also really like your big, firm, ball belly! It was fun to sit on 😘
  7. Mel KM

    Visceral fat issues?

    Is this the same feeling you were talking about when we were living together? I’m glad you finally went to the doctor! That was a long time ago!
  8. Mel KM

    Belly library (men/women)

    Good LAWD! How much do you weigh? 🤩
  9. Mel KM

    What song is currently stuck in your head?

    So there’s this old semi-obscure punk band called Shannon and the Clams. They were in my regular rotation during my punk rock years. I found my old MP3 player and decided to see what was on it. I rocked out to The Cult Song by Shannon and the Clams and it has been stuck in my head now for the...
  10. Mel KM

    Belly library (men/women)

    Gotta love the shirt!
  11. Mel KM

    Belly library (men/women)

    😱😍🔥 Babe you look incredible!!
  12. Mel KM

    Just Fatties Who Make Me Happy

    I LOVED John Pinette! Aside from being a cute chonkers, he was legitimately one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen! That’s so cool you got to see him live!
  13. Mel KM

    Just Fatties Who Make Me Happy

    Ooh….! I’m super into the big belly body type and both of these pics are some serious chonky man eye candy 😍
  14. Mel KM

    What is your weight right now?

    410? You lost a lot! :(
  15. Mel KM

    What are you happy about today?

    Yay! I’m glad you finally started eating good again. You were starting to look skinny! 🤣