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    When is a Community not a community?

    As a female whom actively uses these communities and interacts with people from them on an online level and an in real life level I think it is extremely important that these things are made known through the communities in which they exist. By making them known to all means that this could...
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    My Big Fat Fetish: Tonight, Channel 4, 10pm

    Ello! I haven't posted here in absolutely ages! I have just sat down and watched it, and I have to say, although it did make for uncomfortable viewing in parts I am glad that there was definition between feederism and fat admiration. I must admit my heart broke for Patty, but I think...
  3. missy_blue_eyez


    God bless Monif C!!!! Too hot!
  4. missy_blue_eyez


    Hey, Those shoes are awesome! If you are anything like me, my feet kill after a few hours in heels, but what I have just noticed about those bad boys is, that they look like they have a hidden platform sole in them which will make them hella comfy! I only by my heels with platform soles now...
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    Fat Fashion Blogs

    Hi guys! Hope your all well! I went to a fab launch event today for Simply Be whom are bringing out a new collection designed by the very quirky, fabulous designer Zandra Rhodes. Heres a pic of me and her together this afternoon! I shall be blogging the rest of the pics and review of the...
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    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Well thank you very much :) :happy:
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    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Dressed up for BGP!
  8. missy_blue_eyez

    Dims Crushes

    Hmmmmm who is it? ;)
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    Breaking Chairs??

    I have to this day broken 5 chairs and 2 beds, yes, thats right BEDS! My most painful experience of this was in the kitchen at my old house. We had a very tiled smooth floor, and we were in the process of receiving a new dining table and chair set so my mom had moved our plastic garden...
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    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Its been a while since I posted over here! (Its been a while since I posted much at all actually) so thought Id add a recent pic or 2! Im still around, enjoying a bit of blogging ( , still dancing my nights away at BGP, and being a bit of a...
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    What's on the dinner table tonight?

    Just ordered pizza, couldnt be bothered to cook! Not happy its gonna take an hour to be delivered tho! Im hungrrrrrrrrrrry!!!! :huh:
  12. missy_blue_eyez

    Fat Fashion Blogs

    Hi guys! I'm still blogging away and totally loving it! So I'm shamelessly plugging my most recent post! Review of a stunning dress sent to me by One Stop Plus UK! Check it out! Thanks!
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    Clothing/Fashion Confession

    I/c that I bought the most gorgeous dress off eBay on Sunday, not that I needed another dress but nevermind!
  14. missy_blue_eyez

    Are there any young FA's?

    Haha! Mate, after I've wiped the floor with you, I'd eat you alive!! You see, my confidence is as big as my appetite, and well 22stone worth of woman don't function on fresh air ;) good luck here....your gonna need it! *face/palm*
  15. missy_blue_eyez

    Recent Picture of You Part X !!!!!!!!!!! :D

    Thank you for the lovely compliments guys! :happy:
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