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  1. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW The County Fair [Feeding, Stuffing, Struggle]

    I would love to make them for you.
  2. Mr. Jigglesworth

    I'm a baker and my bakery list of cake donuts is 154 different flavors instead of the normal 5...

    I'm a baker and my bakery list of cake donuts is 154 different flavors instead of the normal 5 flavors😋😉
  3. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BHM Uncaged Desire (BHM - XWG, Fantasy)

    Sorry, but if i can't pronounce the names/ some words, I'm not reading it. Reading should be relaxing not a struggle.
  4. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW The County Fair [Feeding, Stuffing, Struggle]

    Fantastic, only wish there were more fattening dishes/treats for her to try.
  5. Mr. Jigglesworth

    Stacy - by Anonymous (SSBBW, Eating, Romance, ~XWG)

    Yes, I absolutely agree wirh you. The wedding/banquet, the honeymoon ssbbw cruise around the world, the anniversaries and landmark gains to magnanimous portions. Ultra Woman in the FLESH.
  6. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW "Potential" by LJ Rock [~BBW,~SSBBW,~Feedism,~Sexuality]

    Flabulous!!! A must read for any fa to read. Especially this one though, it kept going and going and picking up a trend, lmao. Great writing my man.
  7. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW The Bake Sale [~SSBBW,~XWG, Stuffing, Public Humiliation, Burps and Hiccups]

    Just read it again, still terrific, wish Wendy and her crush got together and he became her feeder/lover.
  8. Mr. Jigglesworth

    My plump fantasy

    Sorry and a big round booty are always appreciated.
  9. Mr. Jigglesworth

    My plump fantasy

    I agree with everything you said, these features along with big round hips and
  10. Mr. Jigglesworth

    The Corpulent Thunder Thighs! - by Iam Unknown (~BBW, Fantasy)

    I see thunder thighs almost daily walking/waddling in and out of the restaurant I work at, a few of which I know they're names.
  11. Mr. Jigglesworth

    What is your weight right now?

    Getting ready to try a new recipe I thought up. Peanut Butter Overload Cookies- with pb chips and pb M&M's.
  12. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BBW Fat Shaming Gone Awry (BBW, XWG, Reality Change)

    Even better the second read through, thanks aGain for writing and sharing a wonderFULL story.
  13. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BHM Bet On Growth - by WillSpark (~BHM (Multiple), ~~WG, Stuffing)

    I was enjoying this up until it abruptly ended. Finish please.
  14. Mr. Jigglesworth

    BOTH Woodmore Weight Gain - by Fanedfox - (BHM/BBW, Eating Fantasy, Romance, ~MWG)

    I know, i really loved this storyline and concept as well. I just moved to a senior citizen apt. complex nearly 5 months ago. There's no Carol working here, but there IS a sexy ssbbw with incidentally a large belly and hugely wide butt, I've been lucky enough to notice her walking her lil'dog...