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    A Pitch For Scientology?

    It's a scam. Scientology may have begun as a joke, but it quickly became a highly lucrative con game. Note also that any pitchman who throws "Organic" or "100% natural" around is almost certainly running a scam. VX is organic, arsenic trioxide is natural, and botulin is both (and deadlier than...
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    Being a child in the 1950s

    The lens of nostalgia blurs some details. I had a cousin who died of leukemia. Now, leukemia is a threat, but then the diagnosis was a death sentence. A neighbor contracted poliomyelitis, and I, and all of his neighbors, got our butts shot full of gamma globulin and sweated out the rest of...
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    Double Divas

    You can see a lot more of her at Norma holds the Guiness world record for the biggest natural breasts, and her web site specializes in SSBBW with, I believe the technical term is, **MEGAZONGAS.**
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    The New York Public Library blocks this site!!

    If we're going to be lumped in with the porn sites, why do we need that no-nipples rule?
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    Summer weight gain...possible BBW?

    Cute! I love muffin tops. No matter what you weigh, there will be guys who like the way you look.
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    Stupid super powers.

    I once heard of a character called the Grey Man, who radiated a Grey Field. Within 100 yards of him all colors faded, all sounds were muffled, people felt depressed, and supercharacters' superpowers just didn't work. He was the terror of superheroes and viilains alike, especially the ones who...
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    I'm pretty sure I'm "fatsexual"

    You're obviously not alone, given the number of BBW Web sites. If I were to win the megabucks lottery, I would probably open a new strip joint called The Fatted Calf, with a weekly contest aimed at finding a lady who could take the Guinness World Record away from Norma Stitz. It might never...
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    crazy fat related sayings you'd like to have on a t-shirt--if you had the gutz

    Across the front of a stretched-to-the-limit Tee shirt: GOT COOKIES?
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    Your favorite fat girl features...

    When I met the lady I would marry, the first thing I notice was her boobs. After fifteen years, I still like them, but I can't seem to keep my hands off of her fabulously fluffy thighs.
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    New to Me (fun fat stuff at airport security)

    Packing steel is a religious obligation for Sikhs. Some Sikh families are rich enough to afford the kind of legal firepower that can get a Supreme Court ruling against the TSA. The TSA doesn't really care, because its real purposes are: Create more well-paid government jobs to pass out as...
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    The fall of fat

    Some people blame cinematography. The early emulsions weren't very fast, but movie cameras couldn't use the long exposures of portrait photography. That meant that filming needed a lot of light. That made most people look flat and washed-out. The exceptions had prominent cheekbones, so to be...
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    Wanted: Pet Gate for Plus Sized Owner.

    I like wedge-in gates. You set them to a little less than the doorway width and push down, causing a toggle mechanism to lock the gate in place without needing any screwed-in hardware. My cats leap over them, even the one that's 14 years old. It would be so much simpler if my wife hadn't...
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    FAs discovered, Bigfoot not far behind.

    Note that the body rated as most attractive by the control group was also considered "overweight." I suspect that Jayne Mansfield (I'm thinking of her early films) would now be considered fat by the food police and the fashion-fags, even with that inhumanly tiny waist.
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    Porn Titles

    "Flashpants" "Flesh Gordon"
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    Favorite complimentary adjective for her hips

    Fabulously fluffy!