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    Help with weight gain

    Before any meal, eat some popcorn and drink plenty of water or diet soda with it. Air-popped is best, but low-fat microwave popcorn is good too. It is very high in volume relative to calories with the added bonus of being a good source of fiber. If you eat a bowl of popcorn this way (low or...
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    Plane Travel

    Sorry to hear about your flying fears, Ksandru. For my part, I actually enjoy flying aside from the issues of comfort in the cramped seating. In fact, I sometimes consider getting my pilots license. As for 9/11, it is understandable that it has been a source of anxiety for many, but that...
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    Living Green.

    The thing about environmentalism that I find frustrating is how many people are not educated as to the realities of such matters. For example, how many times have we heard about "saving trees" by recycling paper? Well, the trees used for paper pulp are not high-quality "old growth" trees, but...
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    Plane Travel

    Well, one does not have to be "large" in order to find planes uncomfortable. I am now fairly large, but for me, the bigger issue is that my back becomes a bit sore when I cannot move around much, so a long flight is unpleasant. This is a bit off topic, but while we are discussing air travel...
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    Does Anyone Follow the Stock Market?

    I would NEVER offer stock market advice to anyone and this post is not intended as such. But since you asked, I have done very well recently with Apple (AAPL) having bought at $123 on August 20th and it is now over $163 in after hours trading. I expect it to continue its gains during the...
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    What Food Makes YOU Gain?

    I think that the findings of such diets as the Zone Diet or the less sophisticated Adkins Diet are basically true. That high-gylycemic index carbohydrates tend to be the most significant cause of weight gain. For this reason, it seems that "high carb" foods are probably most likely to cause...
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    Butt Gain Food?

    I agree with previous posters that there is no such thing as a food that only adds "fatness" to certain areas of the body. If you either gain or lose fat, it is entirely a matter of how and where your "body type" tends to store or "consume" such fat that determines such things. Anyone who...
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    How fast do you type?

    I confess that I did not take the typing test. I was too lazy and it is late at night, so I am probably not at my fastest right now, but this topic is interesting in a broader sense. I am old enough that I actually had a "typing" class in Junior High School using actual TYPEWRITERS! It was...
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    A real weight gain powder.

    I can affirm, based upon personal experience, what MattB said. Of course, these powders are intended to provide the calories and nutrients required for heavy-weight lifting with the goal of building muscle mass. I have long used weight-lifting as my primary form of exercise and I have used...
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    Weight Gain in Real Life

    In the interest of "full disclosure," I do not wish to imply that there were no negative reactions to my weight-gain. However, it was not exactly in the context of the topic of this thread. What I refer to did not involve negative reactions from people knowing that I was gaining intentionally...
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    A lesson in chivalry

    I agree. Well done. I know this is quite a bit off-topic, but your giving them the benefit of calling them "gentlemen" reminds of an interesting "deleted scene" that appears on the Jurassic Park II DVD and which relates to "chivalry." The character played by Peter Postlwaite (probably...
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    Weight Gain in Real Life

    The question of who else, besides my girlfriend, knows about my intentional gaining is certainly an interesting one. The short answer is that only a "select few" know and they are all women. More on that later. Of course, I am sure many others have noticed my increased weight and size, they...
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    Weight Gain in Real Life

    I will answer the questions from the original posting in reverse order because the last question makes the first easier to answer. I began my intentional weight-gain in the context of my relationship with my girlfriend. When we first started dating, I was rather lean as I had been all my...
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    Fat moments

    I guess the issue of clothes becoming too tight has already been well covered here, but that has certainly been the source of many of my "fat moments." So I will try to mention a "fat moment" that was related to clothing size, but with a twist. I was spending an afternoon with a couple of my...
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    Your biggest weightgain

    Lizzy, I suppose another way to look at it is the expression that, "the journey is the destination." Or is it, "the destination is the journey"? Either way, as I said, getting there is half the fun (or even more than half). My girlfriend may have wanted me to become fatter, but she also...
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