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    what happened to everything?

    Thank you for your answers. Legal protection of minors has become a much bigger issue today internationally - letting Dims become more restrictive regarding content submission but also limiting access to certain content for adults only. I agree that children need to prevented from exploring...
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    Changes to the Library Boards

    To opt in is not on my profile. Can you please opt me into the special interest adult content sections? I have read Many stories on this website. Some I have found very relatable. Some quite interesting and captivating. A few too far outside my interest but I have not seen anything I would not...
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    what happened to everything?

    Some stories have Migrated from the Weight Room Anonymous Archives Did these stories come from another Website or all the stories from this archives just moved around on this website?
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    BBW/SSBBW using public electric scooter:)

    Once the momentum builds up those small brakes and wheels are not going to stop them.
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    Gosh I would have liked to been with you as you developed into the beautiful lady you are. I...

    Gosh I would have liked to been with you as you developed into the beautiful lady you are. I would spend at least once a day feeling the more of you forming.
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    Feederism Today

    I had never heard of Feeder/Feederism before looking her. I can understand the symbiont relationship. of a the feeder side. She or he wants to be of ample body and they need each other to achieve this. Someone to push/encourage the extra down after the feedee wants to stop. But once she or he...
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    The Corpulent Thunder Thighs! - by Iam Unknown (~BBW, Fantasy)

    If only woman like that really existed. I do not need sonic shock features but a woman who is thin agile and can be 420 mass is so IDEAL.
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    Comment by 'NZ Mountain Man' in media 'Hey, Red.'

    Pressed together, arms around you, gently swaying. That is a good picture.
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    Comment by 'NZ Mountain Man' in media 'Kelligirl1a'

    I love to meet her at a park bench
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    Comment by 'NZ Mountain Man' in media '20181227_202104_1546384612310'

    Excellent amount forward of hips and ribs.
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    Comment by 'NZ Mountain Man' in media 'A4DEA7A7-44F0-4B8C-A15D-03D77B7725A5.jpeg'

    I could see you lying on top of me with my arms stretched around you hugging kissing and talking.
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    Can a person stop being attracted bbws and ssbbws?

    When I first read this I thought Svnnm2112 was talking about himself in the third person. Now I am confused. When somebody is called toxic they creating Dysfunction Relationships. What is the complaint here? svenm2112 i s not responding to the conversation. There is a lot of people want to...