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    Buffie, Fatlane, and Friends! v2

    ...with a fabulous steamy, rich creamy latte' on the side!
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    Buffie, Fatlane, and Friends! v2

    Zounds! There are fires upon the Mountain and the ocean boils in agonizing darknesses, but mostly Brother Timberwolf is rockin' out in outer space and the audience is riffin' with quantum guitars! I can hold my silence no more and our sacred thread must be saved at all cost...even necroposting...
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    ...but only for a moment, to let you know that you are, indeed, a wonderful person...I am sending you my best shamanic energies and I am tending the midnight oil in my sanctum, to send you Light, Life and Love! Salutem, Punctis Trianguli! Salutations on all three points of the Mystic Triangle...
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    Buffie, Fatlane, and Friends! v2

    When I went to medical coding school I wound up paying a huge sum, which is now just about paid off, but I am avoiding the high cost of grad school for Art with a simple "Just say No!" approach....THE SURREALISTS NEVER WENT TO GRAD SCHOOL! I have that sign tacked up everywhere I go, including...
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    have i really gotten fat?

    I think all of us have to come to some self-identity around being fat, because it can be so incredibly subjective. I am 5'9", 325 and take a size 56 and I don't particularly think of myself as "fat." I feel "big" and that is how most people seem to perceive me. Once, one of our therapists had...
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    Buffie, Fatlane, and Friends! v2

    We had to put them through grad school like, uh, really lickety-split quick! :D It will take decades to pay off the student loan! :D:eek:
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    Buffie, Fatlane, and Friends! v2

    "wrote: Sorry that I couldn't come" only took a few well placed government grants and our scientists were able to crack that one!
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    Birthday Boy,fa_man_stan

    Happy birthday down thar' by crickety! I am proud to play the grizzled ol' Gabby Hayes sidekick to your wonderful Roy Rogers' characterization!
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    Buffie, Fatlane, and Friends! v2

    AHA! I am thinking we must needs apply our Sherlock Holmes' type deductive skills to this problem, perhaps utilize some of the Worlds' largest computers and ask the neighborhood kids what they think! That ought to get us somewhere! Quick....more coffee!!!!! Sherlock Hemlock here, on the job!
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    Buffie, Fatlane, and Friends! v2

    Actually, no one stole the note, but I just like the sound of the word..."purrrrrrrrrr-loined" has an old-timey goodness to it! Perhaps I shall grow me a momentary handlebar moustache and muttonchops! CAKE! Yes....cake...I must needs contemplate the cake....aum!
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    How did you find out about Dimensions

    ...that there used to be a magazine called "Dimensions" in the long ago storybook days of the 1990's. That's right, goshdarnit, a real paper magazine that used to come in the US MAIL! Holy fracas there, Batman! OK, it didn't really have anything on FFA's or BHM too much, but NAAFA was out there...
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    YOU are leaving this thread

    Uhhhhhhh...thanks for the set-up there, Brother Timberwolf...we are working well as a new and dynamic comedy duo here!
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    Drug addiction

    I think it would be wise to move this over to PM....but I understand much better what you are facing....I can say that you are developing a tolerance and the reality from the neurochemistry side is that your brain will never experience that initial "high" again, as much as you try...and addicts...
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    1000th post!

    Took me years to get that far and gravity was a lot heavier was tougher climbing up threads....and the kids had easier threads to post to back then and...carnsarn it....congrats! :D:bow: Now, get out there and knock down another 1, at will! :shocked:
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    YOU are leaving this thread

    Now, Brother Timberwolf, Mr. Santaclear and I KNOW all about that one...but I will dig it up out of the rain to let it float around yet again....and now I am weeping over it...:( I can't leave this thread either....another prison thread that I am supposed to be leaving, but I cannot because of...