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  1. Ocean

    The Jab -~BBW, ~SWG, ~Sci-Fi

    It's my first weight gain inspired one. Looking back it's far too rushed, but I thought if I left it then it would drift into the bank of unfinished stories lurking on my computer.
  2. Ocean

    The Jab -~BBW, ~SWG, ~Sci-Fi

    ~BBW, ~SWG, ~Sci-Fi - A young woman is forced to test a new method for keeping prisoners fat and docile. The Jab by Ocean "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please?" The room fell silent as a well dressed brunette took to the stage, her heigh heels clicking across the wooden...
  3. Ocean

    Growing Gilmore Girls - by Swiggy 3000 (~BBW (Mult), Romance, Lesbianism, ~MWG)

    This story isn't nearly getting enough love. I love how you've depicted the weight gain, it's one of the more realistic takes I've seen on it. While it's no bad thing, most stories tend to have the gainer delighted with their gain, or come around to the idea in record time. It really is...
  4. Ocean

    Do you get annoyed when your partner can't do something because they are fat?

    This. If you have someone demanding that you do these little things for them, or getting stroppy when you can't for whatever reason, then yeah, it's far easier to get annoyed at them. And this doesn't just apply to fat people either, everyone can be guilty of doing this. Back in high school...
  5. Ocean

    few regrets about my weight gain, and you ?

    My regrets about weight gain don't stem from the actual gain itself, but my perception of it. I had never gotten all that big compared to some of the gorgeous people on here, yet for a while my weight really ruled my life. I was convinced I was bigger than I was, I counted calories and every...
  6. Ocean

    Costume ideas for big women

    Sorry I can't offer any sites/advice, but Teleute, thank you so much for those links! I've been trying to find a pair of simple goggles forever, and I've found just what I need.
  7. Ocean

    Weight Gaining Webtoon

    'A Change of Face' is the one that speficially mentions her gaining weight without a care. Oh and thank you so much for posting this ~
  8. Ocean

    The Fatty Questionnaire!

    1. What is your Name/Alias? My Alias here is Ocean, quite literally, because I love surfing and the sea in general. My real name is Allie. 2. What brought you into the community? When I was younger, I literally googled something like 'fat bellies' or 'gaining weight' and Dimensions came up...
  9. Ocean

    The Word "Fat"

    Over here in the UK they're running a campaign to help get kids fitter, and there's a couple of really preachy animated adverts to illustrate the point of sitting around or eating too much. They show arteries with little splodges of fat dotted around, and then the word fat in big squishy...
  10. Ocean

    Gainer Thread (another...) - Pre-Gainer's curiosity

    I gained by accident rather than on purpose, but hopefully I can give you some answers to your questions. 1 It sounds simple, but to get your body used to eating more food, you simply need to eat more food. Try adding a snack or two between meals, or making bigger, more filling meals than...
  11. Ocean

    5 ft tall, 162 pounds...

    It's hard to say without seeing her. Muscle weighs a lot more than fat, it's possible that she can appear thinner than she should, even if BMI wise she would be classified as being quite overweight. On a hunch, I'd say she would be extremely plump, bordering on fat.
  12. Ocean

    interesting fact thread!

    20 parts of the body you don't need 1. VOMERONASAL ORGAN (VNO), or Jacobson’s organ: a tiny hole on each side of the nasal bridge that is considered to be connected to nonfunctional chemical receptors. Could be all that is left from our once great ability to detect pheromones. 2. EXTRINSIC...
  13. Ocean

    My weight gain (with pics)

    You are so cute! :happy: You really work the added pounds beautifully. Oh, and randomly, I love the colour of your hair.
  14. Ocean

    Average Weight of Dims BBW Ladies

    I'm 5'3 and 135lbs, according to my BMI I'm teetering on being in the high normal range.
  15. Ocean

    Weight gain diet/foods

    Wait until there's a time you know they'll be out of the house and buy up from the nearest store and sneak it in that way? Just make sure not to buy anything that needs to be frozen or refrigerated. Or if you're still in school, just stop by a store on the way home and hide it in your school...