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  1. Olivio

    "The Frying Dutchman" - Lardibutts (BBW ~ SSBW, Nautical Fantasy, Abduction)

    That's funny, Brian. I didn't think of going to APOD, but anyway, I needed something inb the public domain. Are you a SciFi fan?
  2. Olivio

    How much would you pay for a custom BBW/SSBBW Tutu

    this is not a question you can answer with I would rather.... is it really so hard to get these rules?
  3. Olivio

    Why are Anime Girls so Damn Skinny? - by Da Games Elite (~BBW multiple, ~MWG, Magic)

    Semi-OT Why not have the tournaments of 11 people with 1 person streaming as a type of sportscaster? Would be quite interesting IMO.
  4. Olivio

    Your favorite healthy foods

    size=20010 ways to stay healthy this winter season/size
  5. Olivio

    What do you smell like?

    Now I am stating to wonder if there is something wrong with my fid. Snoopy does have a very pleasant aroma from time to time but it is very faint and only occasional. Or maybe us old folks aer losing our senses of smell??? Sounds like you guys's birdies smell pretty strong most of the time?
  6. Olivio

    restaurants for big people

    There's no reason not to be happy at the moment for me But for some people graal is a reason to be unhappy not only Graal but also mostly shooters etc. well as long as it's only a game in my eyes I'm pretty neutral with kills/deaths and so on.
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