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    The Official Joke Thread :D

    A woman meets a man on Tinder who claims to be a Norse god. They hit it off and have a great date that ends up with them having sex at her house afterwards. The next morning, they wake up and as she gets ready to shower, she says “I just realized; I never asked you your name!” He says “I am...
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    The Thread For Long-Time Members To Check In...

    Well damn, this place is still kickin’!
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    Name: Rob Age: 23. Location: Philadelphia, PA, Profession: "Student in flux." I'm getting my degree in August, then God knows what. Music: I've been getting more and more into punk and indie stuff, but for now my favorites are the Beastie Boys, Queen, Johnny Cash, the Aquabats, Boredoms...
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    The 2008 Singles Thread

    Single since 2005, very looking. Still looking. Always looking.
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    2007, A Year In Review...

    The Good: -Landing a steady job I've held since February -Winning a Nintendo Wii -Continuing my streak of self-sufficience -Getting to see some of my favorite bands like the Aquabats, Sonata Arctica, and Electric Six The Bad: -Finding out the girl I dated in January was a cutter and...
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    new girl

    I'd be a Mac person if I had the money. Until then I'm stuck on a 2001-era Compaq that's a fate worse than death. But I'm with everyone else on the stunning-ness of you.
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    new girl

    Welcome to the boards from a fellow Philadelphian. Hope you enjoy the stay!
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    Anti Gym.

    Yeah, but Ben Stiller's character was just smarmy and rude in that cheeky Ben Stiller way. This guy looks like the type who's one step away from going out and roping up fat people for public slaughter. Though the whole secrets thing made me chuckle. I still subscribe to my steroids-and-coke...
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    Anti Gym.

    Let's see here. - Shaved head that looks like a penis? Check. - Overly aggressive demeanor? Check. - Vicious hatred of "chubbies" and any sign of being overweight, including an elitist view of who can join his gym? Check. - Being an all-around asshat? Cheeeeeck-MATE. That's all I...
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    oy, it's letters to people and things!

    Dear Fall Weather, Took you long enough. Good to see you again. Best, OAP
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    Calling all Youngsters!

    Hey-howdy-hey. I'm Rob, and a recently-minted 22-year-old from Philly. I lurk a lot, but I'm trying to break out of that, so... hi!
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    What degree do you have?

    Was originally majoring in English, then added a major in Geology to that (having completed 10 of the required 12 courses), so I'm stuck in college for one more year. I'm looking at one of two options. 1.) The double major in English and Geology and going to grad school for geology. 2.) Taking...
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    Calling all Youngsters!

    I certainly don't feel young, but I'm legally 21 years old, and at the end of May, I'll be 22. Good to see a crowd in my age group represented here.
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    The 2007 Singles Thread

    Weeeeelllll, lessee... Single as all crap. I'm keen on changing that, but I'm also extremely busy getting through school and work, so that's not my number one priority. Farthermore, I'm in a process of rebuilding, so I need a little time and space to get everything together before I'm...
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    Way to piss me off.. Wii ad

    Yes, this was a parody from G4 that Nintendo had absolutely nothing to do with. Don't blame the lovable Mario folk for making this a size war. :-P That being said, Sony's ads have been worse. The "white is coming" ad is a very disgusting advert, but the PS3 one with the animatronic baby...