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  1. OneHauteMama

    Favourite thing to do with a partners belly

    LOL I do this too!
  2. OneHauteMama

    The One NON-DIMS RELATED Thing Annoying You Most Right Now Part Trois.

    My brother's "girlfriend" is pissing me off. Starting Facebook drama. :doh: She basically took something I said, twisted it and directed it at herself, and then flounced and deleted me. When I tried to explain that she took it the wrong way, she still claimed she had a "right to be...
  3. OneHauteMama

    Photography Project Explores The "Dark Side" Of Weight Loss

    Absolutely. I know someone who lost 200 lbs and people begged her to quit at a size 10 because she was "getting too thin" and "looking anorexic" and they were afraid for her health. She looked old once she reached a size 2...not just because she had loose skin, but because her FACE wasn't full...
  4. OneHauteMama

    Words Of Wisdom From Filmmaker Michael Moore

    I loved this when I first read it... But it really hit me the other day. I struggle with having self-confidence. A lot. I've had the "I don't care what people think, I'm beautiful" attitude in the past. I was extremely confident in myself in my late teens and when I was 20. My size wasn't a...
  5. OneHauteMama

    I remember when...........

    Ha!! Yeah that's about right! We were of the unfortunate 50% in the 80's lol. However, we did get a VCR when they first came out! First cartoon I ever watched on it was An American Tale :)
  6. OneHauteMama

    Photography Project Explores The "Dark Side" Of Weight Loss

    Exactly! Good genetics basically determines the outcome and the "final product". A slow weight loss doesn't really mean anything, as we've seen in the article. She lost it slow through changing her eating habits and exercise. She still has the extra skin. Skin elasticity is dependent a great...
  7. OneHauteMama

    ImFree's Memorial Service is 1/4/13

    Well, hell I was just wondering today where he was (haven't been on in months and just started posting again). This is so sad. :( He was such a sweetheart.
  8. OneHauteMama

    I remember when...........

    I remember when I was the remote for the TV... "CHANGE!" *OHM dutifully gets up and walks to the TV* "Next...Nope...Waitwaitwait!!...Nope...Change...Wait lemme see what this is...Put it louder...More...Too loud...Okay that's good...Change..." :rolleyes:
  9. OneHauteMama

    What are you happy about today?

    What am I NOT happy about today? :D A new year is on the horizon (just a few hours away, actually). I'm reflecting on the past year and although some patches were rough, all-in-all it was amazing. In February, I found out I was pregnant and also spent the very first Valentine's Day with my...
  10. OneHauteMama

    Favourite thing to do with a partners belly

    I love rubbing my man's tummy after he's full. He'd never had anyone do that before me and he loves it...even bragged about it to his friends lol. I also love caressing it when we're snuggling, cuddling my face up to it...yeah, all good stuff. :smitten: I don't like for him to touch mine...
  11. OneHauteMama

    Plus size and pregnancy

    I've had 4 children. The first took 3 years to conceive, but that wasn't due specifically to my weight. It was the hormone imbalance that comes from having PCOS. Once that was under control through changes in my diet, I got pregnant easily. My youngest is 3 months old. The month we decided...
  12. OneHauteMama

    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    I got two really great tarot readings last night. Both very positive about how my life is going. I have a little less than 5 days before I move in with my awesome man, and I'm absolutely ECSTATIC about that.:smitten:
  13. OneHauteMama

    Dims and your Significant Other

    Ya know... I think this might be the crux of it for me...I couldn't express it like this, but yeah... I think that's it.
  14. OneHauteMama

    SSBBW & Flip Flops

    I second the Crocs flip-flops. Comfy as hell and cute to boot! My feet feel like they're being cradled :wubu:. Also, I've had them for over 2 years and they're still going strong! And I wear them EVERY DAY from Spring to Fall. So they hold up really well! Oh...I agree also that it's time for...
  15. OneHauteMama

    Dims and your Significant Other

    No offense taken I can see how it would be a little confusing. I'm a little confused about my own feelings about this whole matter of my SO seeing this site. I feel on the one hand that there's nothing wrong with anything on this site, but I also feel embarrassed to have him KNOW I come here and...