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  • Hi. I am still here it is november 2018. Homebound due to CHF, PH and osteoarthritis. My newest hobby is crafting journals.
    Hi. I am still around is month of May 2018. Homebound due to CHF, PH & osteoarthritis. New hobby is crafting junk journals.
    Violet, I am sorry that I've not talked to you in so long. Unfortunately, my life is currently full of constant daily "attacks". My mom is in a nursing home nearby. She has "altz" - since I am nearby, I have to handle most of the weekly problems. Last week, they decided at 4 PM to send her to the emergency room for a possible heart attack.

    I had to meet her there. To make things even more dicey, mom is on a DNR directive. My younger brother who lived locally died this summer from a heart attack. I still miss him very much and he was a big help with mom.

    My MS causes me to have my own health problems that a also kicked my butt. My husband has developed a bad back problem that has turned him into a rabid grizzly bear.

    There's more but maybe next time.

    Love and Happy New Year.

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