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    Do you speak any foreign languages

    Italian is my mother tongue, I speak fluently English, French and Persian/Farsi, my Russian is a bit rusty (haven't used it in 4 years), I understand German and I can make myself understood, but I respect too much the language of Luther, Goethe and Mann to try and speak it, and I can somehow get...
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    Christmas 2018

    In Italy we say 'le feste' (the festivities), but it includes only Christmas, New Year and Epiphany, so the Christian festivities. We don't have a word including the other festivities too. By the way, here kwanzaa is totally unknown
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    When did you first realize that FA exist?

    I knew since the beginning that FAs existed. As I told somewhere else I became a FA in my very early teenage, after some talks with a friend - who was my age - about how feminine, beautiful and sexy were BBWs, so I knew from the first moment that other people too liked big women. I also saw...
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    BBWSs and Wicca

    Disclaimer: I am an agnostic and I respect any religion as long it respects other people's religion - or lack of it - therefore I would never suggest people to convert or push forward any religion. So this thread does not say that BBWs/SSBBWs should be Wiccans or that they should convert to...
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    Only in the FA World

    30-35 years ago, in the States. My SSBBW girlfriend, obviously American, and I, obviously European, walk into an upper middle class restaurant. She has an arm around my waist and I one around her shoulder, trying to hold close to me as much as I can of her gorgeous body. We exchange a look and...
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    Heart attack on a plate.

    And in Italian cuisine too, sanguinaccio. It is made with pig blood and some fat, bread/wheat, spices and so on. Yummy!!! There is also the sweet sanguinaccio, with chocolate, raisins, honey, candied fruits and so on according to the various local traditions. And there's blutwurst in...
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    FA/FFA Who was Your First Plus-Sized Crush?

    I don't mean to bump this interesting thread but I realized that my reply, http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1732526#poststop, was not really in tune with the subject. I spoke of a love/friendship of my early twenties, but my first crush was Ivana, the grocer at the...
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    So, what's *your* favorite thing about a fat partner?

    Yes, exactly what I feel. Plus the warmth of such a soft, sexy body, meant to be fondled, caresssed and kissed all over. A BBW's body to me is almost like a quiet, alluring sea and, as the Italian poet Leopardi put it speaking of a totally unrelated thing, il naufragar m'è dolce in questo...
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    What do you consider BBW and SSBBW?

    You're right, in my humble opinion you do are a SSBBW, actually you are a gorgeous SSBBW. We know that defining someone only on weight is useless, and in this case it is just preposterous. In this case, as we are speaking of the specific question of what is the limit for a SSBBW, the most...
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    Confessions of married people

    On my experience lust can be the basis of an intense relationship - marriage, living together or whatever - only for a short period because it does not last long. Love might be initially a byproduct, but in the end it is what keeps the couple together. Lust diminishes and the relationship...
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    Confessions of married people

    I am bisizal, as I said in the opening post of this thread, therefore if a BBW girlfriend would lose weight I'll be attracted to her anyhow!
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    Confessions of married people

    This thread is for those of us who are married, live with their significant one or are in an important relationship: If our spouse/partner/significant one is not a BBW or a BHM, why did this happen? I'll be the first to confess. I am happily married and my wife is not a BBW. I am...
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    What really happened to Hänsel and Gretel - Part 1

    Thanks, I had fun writing it
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    What really happened to Hänsel and Gretel - Part 1

    Part 2 ‘Day after day passed. The sorceress, in the time between Gretel’s large meals, trained her in walking in a very odd way – aggressive strides putting one foot just in front of the other – that gave the impression of a displaced hip. Furthermore the witch insisted Gretel made an angry and...
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    What really happened to Hänsel and Gretel - Part 1

    (~BBW, Magic, Eating, Romance, ~MWG ) - The old, traditional story with one or two new twists What really happened to Hänsel and Gretel By Orso di Monte Ribelli The night was pleasantly cool, in the old, quaint biergarten lindens were in full bloom and Max was relaxing. He read his paper...