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    Riding Bicycles 400lbs and over?

    hi everyone! I remember, as a kid loving to ride my bike. And sadly I also remember when climbing on my bike my tires went completely flat against the ground. That was my last time on my bike, probably around 12 years old. Now, at 32 I want to climb back on the saddle.I've been looking around...
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    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    thank you much! :D
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    New here in NYC checkin out da site

    wow! I'm sorry to hear that. but I'm glad you're ok!
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    Thank you very much Tad!
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    New here in NYC checkin out da site

    :Dthis city was hit hard. But mostly by the coast. My bro lives by the seaport and he was evacuated from his home for a lil over a week. But the trains were only completely down for like 2 days and partial service thereafter. Saw this was a New Yorker post so just had to drop in!
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    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    I'm loving all these pics. I'm in beautiful company!! this is me on an excursion boat in the Bahamas ;)
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    The show your face/introduction thread

    I'm not completely new but I haven't been on the site in a few years but here's my re-introduction :D I'm a 31 year old female from NYC. How is everyone?!
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    2013 Singles Palooza

    I understand exactly what you ladies are talking about. I've gone and am currently going through the same thing. I'm single but have been dating but no one " real" it always seems like it's someone completely out of reach and I don't mean in another city. I mean been through some...
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    first off this is my very first post in a very long time. been away awhile but I'm back and I've missed the information and conversation I've had here. I've really learned a lot. another dating website though it is under tangowire is bigger beauties. True they do mix results in the...
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    What do you most want to learn to do??

    while searching for threads on rollerblading I came across this thread.. i like it so I'm revitalizing it. lol I'd love to learn to rollerblade, i want to also bungee jump, take a hip hop dance class or dozen ;) and run.. I just think being a runner is sooo freeing. I guess I love that speed...
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    "Biggest Loser" Under Investigation

    Well I watch the biggest loser.. and of course I'm aware that these are people pulled from whatever their situations are in life.. and placed in a home living with strangers with none of the influences or "regular" stresses of day to day life and thrown in a gym for 6-8 hours a day. But.. Some...
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    Do you really, from the bottom of your heart, love being a fat girl?

    Love and respect a lot of the opinions on here and it's helped me shed light on myself. That being said I'm still on my path to discovery. I love my softness. I also have very silky skin that while showering I think to myself "well hello!" lol But then again.. I don't think I'd want to be...
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    Instyler Curling Iron - Read Before Buying

    With all that's said in this post, I saw the advertisement one late night and was oh so interested in trying it but that price is just way too much. Till.... a friend of mine got it and purchased it with a friend so really their splitting the cost. and she claims it Works! Wonderfully. On my...
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    need advice about pain in my knees

    Yes, i'm also having problems with my knee!! When I was younger I injured it badly, dislocated it actually and my dad popped it back in for me :eek: can u say excrutiating?!!? And never went to the dr so i've always had issues with it but it worsens if i've gained any weight. I've actually...
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    Forum bullies

    The original is pretty funny too Sandie! lol :happy: