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    Instagram Suggestions

    These are great! I'll throw in some others: shooglet, somekindofbeautiful_, kellybellyohio, adipositivity, jervae, flynfluffy, yrfatfriend, fatgirlflow, enamasiama, fatcatfar, iamsoffy, ragenchastain, and bigfatgaypod
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    Christmas Bakery 2019

    Pot pies, peppermint monster cookies, and (slightly disfigured!) chocolate brownie bites. It's been a busy month so far! Everyone's treats look so great this year!
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    Christmas Bakery 2019

    Shortbread cookies for dayyyyys.
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    You know you are an Fa when.......?

    When you realize that your favorite pillow feels like cellulite... and then it reaches a whole new level of favorite.
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    Life is far too short to not seek out and indulge in the things that bring us joy. It's fantastic to hear that you are exploring!
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    FA Dating Frustrations

    I felt this way before I had my first too. Fat admiration adds a significant deal of extra complexity to love, sex, and romance (but very, very worth it once it works). It takes many of us a bit longer than our non-FA peers to find our groove, but I think you're on the right track.
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    Back from this year's NAAFA conference. What a blast!

    Back from this year's NAAFA conference. What a blast!
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    Plus sized centric episodes or story elements in television or films.

    Fat Princess was the GUILTIEST pleasure for me back when I was a closeted FA! I never killed any players in-game. I just kept the princesses happy ;)
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    What Are You EATING right now? Part 2

    Like cheese curds! They're bite-sized clusters of macaroni and cheese coated in cornmeal batter and fried.
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    2019 NAAFA Conference I'm planning on going this year! Will any of you fine folks be going too? If so, let me know! We can say hi in person :)
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    One Thing You LIke

    I like binge listening to the Food Psych podcast with Christy Harrison - even though I have never had an eating disorder :oops:
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    One Thing You LIke

    I like singing and playing various music on my piano. It is fun learning new songs!
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    "Shrill" on hulu

    Haven't seen it yet, but: having read Lindy West's memoir, I DEFINITELY have Shrill on my short list of exciting things to watch. It is good to hear that you like it!
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    Just finished reading Shrill. Mad respect for Lindy West! I just wanna advocate the hell out of...

    Just finished reading Shrill. Mad respect for Lindy West! I just wanna advocate the hell out of stuff now.
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    There are benefits to membership!

    Well said, Unbasher! This little community gives us a place to be heard and safe and understood in a world that can be so isolating. Discovering Dimensions 10 years ago helped me accept myself and, in so doing, helped me realize more opportunities to promote joy and compassion in life. I only...
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