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DISCLAIMER: I am just a man that wants to express myself for who I am. Knowing that people see me as a feeder and an FA lets me know that I don't have to mention that I am one with someone giving me a disgusted face. I just want to make conversations with the fellow people on this website and not be criticized for being just a feeder. Being honest, I've given up finding "the right one" not saying that it won't come, I'm just emotionally exhausted to share my heart to someone when it hurts every time.

...I'm just here to see people around the world, being glad that this fetish isn't scarce, meeting these amazing people, and learning so many things from them.

About me: just a south jersey man following his dreams

I do my best to spread positivity, seeing other people happy really brightens my day.

I have such an optimistic mind when it comes to cooking, with the right motivation I could cooks for days, even weeks.

If you wanna get to know me, just give me a message and I'll answer it as quick as I can. And whoever read all of this I really appreciate it.✌
Aug 14, 1996 (Age: 26)
Stocker at a clothing workshop