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    Middle Eastern Women: Weight Gain?

    What about Indian women (not Native Indian)? Or... women of Hindu culture? I've always thought they were mostly of Hindu culture, but everyone's always telling me that I'm labeling them wrong and they should be labeled as Middle Eastern. So, I've lost track of who's who. Anyways, I have a...
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    Middle Eastern Women: Weight Gain?

    I'm not trying to offend anyone, but was wondering if women of the Middle East gain weight because it's part of their culture or customs. The reason for asking is because a lot of Middle Eastern women that I know who are married or over the age of 25 have gained weight or are bigger than...
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    Dimmers Dreams?

    I know the feeling. I'll have a wonderful dream that's so good that I don't want to wake up from them. I wake up. What was it? Dammit! I can't remember! Argh!
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    Fat AND healthy - is it possible?

    I've always wondered if anyone could really be in "perfect health". What defines perfect health? Everyone is different. I'm big-boned. People look at me and think that I'm 200 to 225 lbs, but I'm 350 lbs. I consider myself "big" instead of "fat". When I read health books, all the information in...
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    Jones Soda

    Their sodas are pretty good... but they do get a bit carried away when it comes to making too many flavors. There were a few holiday sets that I've been curious to try, but didn't want to buy the whole thing (expensive) and find out that I don't like it. I was hoping to find a group of friends...
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    Dimmers Dreams?

    I've dreamed of meeting Asshley. :)
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    Losing weight

    I agree. I've seen it on people. I've known a lot of people who were a few pounds overweight, but they would work their butts off that they are a lot of pounds underweight. Now, they're skinny and bony. Sometimes, I'm afraid to hug them with fear that I might snap them in half. *shudders*
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    Food trends that irritate you

    I've noticed the same thing. At first, I didn't even know what it was. The first time I saw that word was when a local convenience store was selling those little snowman-shaped bottles that were expensive. Since I had a couple extra bucks to spend, I decided to try one. Blah! Tasted horrible...
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    Tabasco mash

    Is it something that you can purchase anywhere?
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    Food trends that irritate you

    I agree. I've been to a couple restaurants that have chili nachos. I thought it was a unique menu item and decided to try them. In all cases, it ruined the nachos. :( I prefer ground beef. :) I agree with you. They always charge less for products that contain more. For instance, my...
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    Mac n Cheese pretty please!!!

    I just buy a box of macaroni and a box of Velveeta cheese. I boil the water and cook the macaroni. While that's cooking, I cut the cheese up. (Who cut the cheese!?) I then microwave the cheese a bit to soften it up. When both are ready, I skim the water out and pour the cheese on top. Then stir...
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    New Kids On The Block are back!

    OMFG! Ugh! I hate them!
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    Right Fit Jeans - Weird Smell...

    I actually spray my clothes with Febreze sometimes. ;) If I wake up suddenly and am in a hurry to deal with something, but I don't have anything clean to wear... I'll just spray a shirt and a pair of shorts. ;)
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    The (Big Fat) Sims 3

    Hmm... it would be nice if I could create a bunch of female characters with huge round butts and big breasts. ;)
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    Deal or No Deal, Thurs. about weight gain

    Eh? They actually did this? I don't watch the show as often as I would want. My sister hogs the television all the time.