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    What Are You Listening To? Redux

    I've been listening to this for months now. It works when I want to sleep, wake up or for any occasion.
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    Carrie Fisher has heart attack during flight

    I just saw "Rogue One." So sad to see her face knowing she's now gone.
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    Meatloaf - Meatloaf - I love meatloaf!!

    ALWAYS, be sure to include some bacon on top.
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    #1 song when you were born

    "Drug-fueled?" Yes, much of it and usually the best of it. "Not a lot of deep meaning" in much of it? Maybe you were tuned to the wrong radio station. Here are a few from the 1960s you may enjoy. "For What It's Worth" - Buffalo Springfield "Blowin' in the Wind" - Bob Dylan "Mercy, Mercy...
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    Worst Movie Sequels Of All Time?

    ...hasn't make the list until now. "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"
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    Time of the Doctor SPOILERS!!!!!

    Though I was not terribly fond of Matt, he performed admirably as The Doctor. Bring on number 12 or 13 or whichever one is next.
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    " Body Heat "
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    What are you making?

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    "Baker's Dozen" Movies

    Your favorite actor playing an actor 1. Cate Blanchett, The Aviator (Katharine Hepburn) 2. Joseph Fiennes, Shakespeare in Love (William Shakespeare) 3. Kevin Spacey, Beyond The Sea (Bobby Darin) 4. Martin Landau, "Ed Wood" (Bela Lugosi) 5. Kenneth Branagh, My Week with Marilyn (Laurence...
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    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    I believe you're referring to the alleged proximity of The Hubble Telescope to the International Space Station. Unless this was an extremely blatant factual error within the film.
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    "The Walking Dead"...(to my fellow zombie lovers)

    I need me a W.D. marathon to refresh before the new season.
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    Now I'm Craving...(the craving continuation thread)

    A big fat juicy cheeseburger !!! This is a recurring craving.
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    What did you dream last nite?

    COOLNESS !!!
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    "Baker's Dozen" Music

    Name the first music video you ever watched on MTV or similar station. 1. Love is a Battlefield -- Pat Benetar 2. Michael Jackson's Thriller 3. The Adams Family - MC Hammer 4. Land Down Under - Men at Work
  15. riplee

    The last movie you watched... and score out of ten - Part 2

    Abide, everyone !