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    Happy Birthday, daddyoh70!!

    Daddy oh no! Another birthday! :eek: Hope it's a very happy one!:happy:
  2. Risible

    Happy Birthday, SoVerySoft!

    Lols, another birthday?! Happy Birthday, dear Randi, and many, many happy returns. I would post a picture of a yummy cake here, but I just know your real-life version will be much tastier and better! :p
  3. Risible

    Happy Birthday, Punkin1024!!!

    Happy Birthday, Ella. May your birthday dreams come true. :)
  4. Risible

    CPAP - new user.....

    Actually, I no longer experience that forced-air feeling; after the initial adjustment to the CPAP, which lasted several weeks, I don't even notice the air pressure. The mask continues to be uncomfortable somewhat, though.
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    Fat Pregnancy thread

    I have deleted several posts that were inappropriate for the Health Forum. Please help to keep this thread on track. Thank you - /mod
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    CPAP - new user.....

    FLW, I used to drool something fierce during sleep (what little I got of it) prior to starting on my CPAP; now I don't drool at all. While my machine has a built-in humidifier and heater, I don't use either - I don't know if that has anything to do with it (the continuous air pressure would...
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    Happy Birthday, Carrie!!!!

    Happy Birthday, Carrie! Hope it was a great one - and may all your birthday wishes come true. :)
  8. Risible

    Happy Birthday, Ho Ho Tai!

    Happiest of birthdays to you, R. May your celebration be epic. :)
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    Happy Birthday, LillyBBBW!

    Happy Birthday, Lilly! May all your birthday wishes come true! :)
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    CPAP - new user.....

    I'm pretty sure that taking time getting accustomed to your new CPAP mask and machine is a common experience. I know it was with me; I wasn't able to keep the mask on all night for the first week or so. Upthread, other posters have described their own adjustment experiences. Now I loves my...
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    Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

    I'm glad to hear things turned out well for you, Blondie, and congratulations on the remission! Thanks for sharing your story ... ovarian cancer is nothing to fool around with, and the description of your symptoms may be helpful to others here.
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    today is my Bday.

    Happy Birthday, GD. Hope your birthday wishes came true. :)
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    Its been 25 years already?

    Congratulations, Ruth! Twenty-five years, that's quite an achievement. It looks like you two are still in love, so that's even more impressive. Here's to twenty-five more years of wedded bliss. :wubu:
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    Deep Fried Frito Pie

    Wow. Ima gonna try making those ...
  15. Risible

    Deep Fried Frito Pie

    Wait, where's the picture of it? I want a picture, Ernest! :confused: But they'd be good with jalapeno jelly, hot and sweet. :eat2: