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    Natural Remedies and Homeopathic Suggestions

    I'm glad I found this post. Many thanks for it! I'm gonna bump this thread asking what about jojoba oil? This natural oil is widely used by professional barbers. I've been reading a review about these on Mystraightener and from my experience, I could say that you shouldn't neglect jojoba oil in...
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    Rep Your Pets!

    I moved to another country for a while because of my job and left my cat Bubs to my mom. But I'll definitely take her again when I'm back. Though I'm not allowed to have pets at my new place I suspect some of my neighbours does despite the restriction. Because I saw fleas in my apartment! Or it...
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    Irregular Periods

    Well, first of all, mine are late mostly because of stress and only after because of excess weight. Never took any birth control pills or hormonal stuff. But it's always a good option to visit your gynecologist just to be sure. I also have a period tracker app on my phone, but due to the...
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    What are your favorite workouts?

    Oh, that's great. It's always nice to see a fellow hiker here. Which trails do you like more? And what gear you prefer to take with you? These days I prefer to do as Cleverwander suggests packing an extra pair of warm socks and rain poncho in my backpack Wow, what a routine. I envy you ;)
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    When I was younger ....

    When I was younger we had good music on MTV. Now we have only trap and rap music.
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    Home Remedies

    Here is my list of home remedies which can solve some hair problems: 1. Lemon juice. It's good for hair growth, you just have to apply it to your hair and scalp before shampooing 2. Coconut oil. Awesome stuff for hair moisturizing. A great decision for people with dry locks 3. Egg mask. A good...
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    If You Are Having a Bad Day...

    Thanks for sharing :) It's very funny
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    Favorite ethnic foods?

    Italian food is awesome