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Recent content by room4dessert

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  1. room4dessert

    BBW The Fence- by Polarisdreamer (~BBW, STUCKAGE, TEASING, ~SEX, STUFFING)

    Awesome really awesome. Would love to hear back from Noah... maybe college life and puppy love with Trevor adds weight, and she bumps into Noah again (either as a tease or if Trevor and her split and Noah is single) and Noah really fattens her up.
  2. room4dessert

    BBW Transitions (WG)

    Great read so far!
  3. room4dessert

    BBW "The Munchies Return!" by Coyote Wild (~XWG, ~SSBBW, ~IMMOBILITY, ~GAS, ~STUCKAGE)

    CW your original munchies was and has been one of my all time favorites. I'll never suggest a direction for you to go with your creativity, because I know whatever comes next will be another master piece. Thanks for never selling out and believing in quality works over quantity.
  4. room4dessert

    R.I.P. Gabriela Cordoza

    Sad news, what a beautiful person. Any further info on this?
  5. room4dessert

    BBW Sisters

    I'm really freaking out over the fact that as previously mentioned I have a lot in common with your stories, add a very late Juky birthday to the list as well. The story is excellent !!!
  6. room4dessert

    BBW Sisters

    Amazing man, as always. I love that almost all of your stories occur in areas that I have spent time at. Refreshing memories.
  7. room4dessert

    John Pinette has passed.

    I'm sad what a nice and funny man!
  8. room4dessert

    Fattening Teacher

    I dropped some hints to the moderator on how to find it, maybe you will get lucky :-)
  9. room4dessert

    Vegas in November

    Anyone know of any events happening in or around Vegas the week of November 14th? I will be in town for 10 days and I am looking for some fun things to do on my trip.