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    Form Transference - by Rubarbstreet (~BBW, Magic Spell, ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Magic Spell, ~MWG - A magic spell thickens up his girlfriend. [Author's Note: An early story of mine. It apparently assumes the magic physics of Rosemary's Baby--although there's no pregnancy involved, sadly. Just weight gain.] Form Transference by Rubarbstreet "Darn it," Lindsey...
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    Story about a girl who gains every time she hears a food-related word spoken?

    I'm looking for it. The story involves this girl who has a little brother, whose friend (Damon? Some name like that) casts a spell on her where she is instantly filled with whatever food she hears somebody saying. I remember it involved a scene where she hears somebody yelling "hot dog"...
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    That Crazy Old Man - by Rubarbstreet (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~~WG)

    Part 2 The other girl was Raven, a friend of Angela's and more goth than anyone. She was tall and slender, and always wore long black dresses and a tight black corset. It complimented her ample breasts, of course, her flat stomach and flaring hips. She was pale, with long, lovely...
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    That Crazy Old Man - by Rubarbstreet (~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~~WG)

    ~BBW (Multiple), Magic, ~~WG - After two co-eds cross a grumpy old man, they mysteriously begin to pack on pounds. [Author's Note: This is an old story I wrote, previously just posted at my site. It involves stereotypical rapid weight gain of realistic sizes and embarrassingly one-dimensional...