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    i need her

    Hey Furious Styles! Awesome Madvillan Avatar. Finding a DOOM fan is like finding Waldo. But is your Halcyon Days message a Megaman Legends quote??? Cause the only thing More obscure than a DOOM fan is a fuckkin Rockman DASH fan!!! like I thought I was the only one on the planet who...
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    Deciding to gain. Again?

    click the little mountain picture when you are typing a message to post a pic. Whatever you decide to do is cool as long as you are comfortable with it. But I am a little interested/concerned when you said it scared you, do you know why that is? was it your favorite pants? I don't mean to...
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    Who likes to watch Fat girl work-out?

    No problem Kit :) Great, I think that is the best attitude to have. I think immobility should be more about playing out a role [rolling on me HA!] IMO it should be more of a sexuality game than a life goal. Sure there will be times and things you need help with and I am totally behind the...
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    Who likes to watch Fat girl work-out?

    hey its first come first served pal. And Kit I am waaaay more help in the shower, and my way we get dirtier before you get clean. ;)
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    Who likes to watch Fat girl work-out?

    Like Like Like, Great to Hear.
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    Who likes to watch Fat girl work-out?

    I love your mentality on this, as much as I like to lift BBW girls and be squished, its just incredibly sexy to see a strong woman like yourself. I work out and I make sure to add yoga routines and stretches so that I don't tense up and loose my flexibility, so I completely agree with the idea...
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    comic book nerds UNITE!

    Anyone Find any gems in the NEW 52? Swamp Thing really surprised me and turned out to be Great times. Green Lantern is Boss Ass, and Corps is doing its thing, But New Guardians is starting to smell a little off, and I'm Still not reading that damn hell ass Red Lanterns [despite them being...
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    Favorite Arrested Development Scenes

    Franklyn Bluth! Gob "It ain't Easy Being white" Franklyn "It aint easy Being brown!" Gob "So Much Pressure to be Right" Franklyn "I Got Childrens All over tooown" regardless of who is weilding him his character shines through. Lucille "theyre not Going to let you in the...
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    comic book nerds UNITE!

    Really wish they would have just expanded upon Superman Earth One storyline, Action Comics could have picked up the Earth one stories and been less t-shirt and jeans but still a young learning supes, and mainline could grind along with a slight costume change and no huge hiccup in continuity...
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    Pizza Toppings

    I can respect that. I loooove anchove-bread
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    Pizza Toppings

    Anchovies anyone? I used to hate them, now I will step over a crying baby for a can. Love the salty taste, with Banana peppers or Jalapenos, my Salt and Pepper Pizza. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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    Latest Food Discoveries - Share them here!

    I have been Avacado Crazy lately, Lots of Omega 3, I need ENERGY! Made this at woik the other day! Poached eggs and Green salsa :D:D
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    Food Glorious Food: Foods and Restaurants you miss

    Canada used to Have Ponderosa steakhouses, I can only remember bits and pieces from my childhood, but Steak and Buffet seems like food heaven to me. Chipotles! we have one or two downtown but they're not the same, We have to go to the states for the real taste. ...I hear Chipotles is...
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    What is making you SAD right now...

    I hate how Shy I am. I drove downtown tonight to go to a party and i got there, paid for parking and then I just couldn't go. I used to be the loudest guy who would introduce myself with arrogant confident bullcrap. Now I cant get myself to hang out with my friends, because all I do is worry...
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    Yes, I love it. There is something about feeling that weight that is amazing. It's like that comfy warm bed feeling or tingle you sometimes get but so much better. Scientists I can neither quote nor cite say Men crave Cuddling more than women. I think this is kind of like that. I feel...