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    Fat Man Dancing

    thanks a lot debbie downer
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    Ghost Town

    Perhaps not the best place for me to say this, but being severely overweight DOES have its health disadvantages, and as much as we like to talk about HAES, we can't ignore that fact. Im not saying all of our friends who have passed, die due to complications from weight, but Im thinking a lot did.
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    Rest in Peace Elaine (CastingPearls)

    I keep finding myself all teared up and weepy. I barely knew her, we never interacted besides on Dims, but she was such a presence. Even when her life was full of struggles, she managed to be a source of brightness. She was sassy, feisty and independent, but also so very sweet and kind, ready to...
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    What is making you SAD right now...

    Mu fuckbuddy was proudly showing off the ivory grips he bought for one of his hand guns. :( Its his money, he bought them legally and he didnt kill an elephant or rhino. But he just indirectly contributed to the slaughter of thousands of elephants. I told him it upset me and he seemed to...
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    Fat Man Dancing

    Im a Imgur poster and this story has been blowing up over there. SO HAPPY that he's been found! I hope he dances the night away with tons of people!!!
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    RIP CastingPearls

    oh wow. CP was a super cool chick, I really loved talking with her here. She will definitely be missed. :(
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    Scaring people with our bodies ?

    yea she's thin, but i think the dress and make-up made her look more skeletal than she is.
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    When you're out in public, do you stare at other people without them knowing? Of course. People are interesting in how the look and act. Its freaky to think about, but for every person you've stared at for whatever reason, someone has stared at you for whatever reason. And unless they tell...
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    What Are You Happy About Today? Part 2

    Last summer I witnessed a fatal motorcycle accident. I watched a young woman desperately try to bring her fiancé back to life. I watched the dreams of a young couple completely shatter. I don't know this woman, the one and only time we met was seconds after her future-husband's motorcycle...
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    I'm Very Fat and I STill Get Laid All of the Time...Shocked?

    I've never really had negative feelings about myself mid-coitus, but before and after can be tricky sometimes. I actually sent my fwb this article, i hope he reads it.
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    The biggest plus size model ever to get a contract with a major modeling agency

    That needed to be repeated for some of the people in this thread.
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    Being hit on by friends

    She's not their mom, but he has primary custody and she's been living with them for a few years... sooo yuh. kids might have an issue in that sitch.
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    Being hit on by friends

    A mutual friend told me that he's been staying sober since that night. I really, really hope its true. It would be arrogant of me to assume that I had anything to do with his revelations, but the thought of him hitting on me and then realizing he has a problem kinda hurts. But only for a...
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    The biggest plus size model ever to get a contract with a major modeling agency

    *pew* that was the sound of everything going over some people's heads. :doh: