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    Can a person stop being attracted bbws and ssbbws?

    Having spent some time on the dating scene within the last decade, I found it be just an emotional minefield. If you are fat and/or are attracted to a fat partner, you either have to show up in the flesh to an event with other like folks or you had the dating sites. Maybe a social site like...
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    A Movie for our Community?

    I can't imagine the headache involved in producing such a project. Whose story gets told? How much time does it get? Who is going to get ticked off because they weren't featured? Who is going to get mad because they looked bad? Who is going to complain about the lack of honesty in the story...
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    A Movie for our Community?

    It would have to play like Spoon River Anthology...lots of different characters that are part of the same "community" but not necessarily overlapping with each other on a regular basis.
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Not a pic of me but WVMountainrear and myself adopted this beautiful pair of bonded brothers this weekend. Willow is a 4 year old shepherd/hound mix and Mobi is a 7 year old St. Bernard/border collie mix. We couldn't ask for two sweeter furbabies.
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    Where is DragonFly???

    I have seen her on social media in the past few days. She appears alive, well and happy.
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    How many pieces plus size female clothes fit into a carry-on luggage?

    I would imagine the size and type of garment would play heavily (no pun intended) in to an answer.
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    What is your current food obsession??

    Breakfast for the past few weeks has been two pieces of sourdough toast topped with smoked salmon flavored cream cheese, avocado, and everything bagel seasoning topped with an over easy egg.
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    Big Fig Mattress anyone?

    WVMountainrear and I got a king sized one last year. It is the best investment we have ever made. We cannot recommend them enough.
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Taken yesterday before we went out for brunch.
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    What are you having for breakfast

    Pepperoni and mozzarella omelette .
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    What are you having for breakfast

    Toasted Italian bread topped with avocado, everything bagel seasoning and over easy eggs.
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    Leftover homemade pork fried rice.
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    Do you like being fat? And if so why or why not?

    I'am 6'2" with the bone density of a boulder and a frame that will prevent me from ever being average. I am 350 pounds and I am not upset about my weight. Would I like to be leaner? Yes. I'd like to have more of a variety of clothing options and I know for a fact that my A1C is better when I am...
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    "Shrill" on hulu

    For me, they are simply trying to cram too much in to a single 30 minute episode. It's like literally watching an essay on the screen. It's hitting you with a message hard and fast with a blunt object. The character development suffers as a result. Maybe if each episode was an hour and things...
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    What’s on the dinner table (part 2)?

    Chili and cornbread.