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It seems I'm unable to change my moniker as I'd prefer. You see, I'm no longer a SSBBW & haven't been for a year. I'm currently a large BBW due to numerous detrimental health issues, diabetes (type 2 which I managed to control), edema on both thighs, immobility, agoraphobic, etc. I'm doing a little better each day; some are better than others. But that's how it is for everyone. I'm a realist and believe in transparency & disclosure.

I'm still an I/J cup bra containing breasts that crave TLC from the potential, ideal "guy or doll". As I get older, my skin is thinner and more sensitive than ever compared even just 10 years ago; especially on my breasts! This is the great part about aging (I'm 49 at the moment of typing this). I'm still a large-all-over lass that has always had a small skeletal structure/ frame, average height hourglass curvy shape.

I miss traveling out of desire,and not because I have to as a requirement or need or due to homelessness. I've endured that in my life too often. There's no joy in that. Especially miss Europe, (France and mostly the UK). Alas I can't & won't venture there for quite a few years for valid personal reasons.

All that matters now is that I'm ALIVE when I'd been so ill that neither I nor my caseworkers thought I'd live past 44. But I didn't want to go prematurely like other family members (average sized but many health issues). People don't live long in my family. It's heartbreaking & painful having only one sibling remaining & she'll be turning 69 in late November. Otherwise, I'm all that remains of my immediate family & I'm the youngest great-great aunt. I even have nieces & nephews that are deceased. It's tough & can be lonesome despite my being comfortable with my solitude. This is why, now that I'm more open to socialize locally, I'm trying to create a "family" of friends because I learned early that a family is not necessarily blood related.

I'm a bit more ambulatory using a lightweight cane, I've plans to see the Cleveland Symphony perform in Spring 2020, I enjoy bowling for fun & health not to keep score, I still enjoy some ice creams, I just can't "wear out my welcome" as my Mom used to say (& being lactose intolerant &r type 2 prone reins me in too. LOL !
Peace of mind & contentment to all.
November 19
Peoples Republic of Ohio


I can't be bothered with people that can't be bothered to fill out their profile or @ least post a photo of themselves on it. Geesh!:doh:

A little slap & tickle never hurt anyone.:wubu:

Always counting the days until Autumn.
:)Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #2
:)Shoshtakovich: Symphony #7 (Leningrad); and Piano Concerto #2
:)Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis; The London Symphony; Symphony #9