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    I would recommend Feabie as a dating site to non-feeder/feedees.

    I found feabie to be toxic. When I disagreed with a user, he told me to go kill myself. There was someone there who kept making new profiles to stalk me and send me creepy messages. I met a feeder who took me to a buffet and spent more time in the bathroom on his phone than in talking to me...
  2. stampy

    What are your thoughts on the TV show "My 600-Pound Life" and Dr. Now?

    Just because a body is in pain doesn't mean you can't be happy or have a good quality of life, and not everyone who is super sized is in pain. Some small bodies are in pain as well, can they be "truly happy?" As for losing access to basic tasks when it comes to self care, or growing winded...
  3. stampy

    health problems: arthritis vs. bariatric surgery

    Thank you for that suggestion, Dr. Feelgood. I hadn't seen it sooner. I will have to look into that. A gentle chiropractor would be a good thing! I don't want a jumper or a knotter! I have decided that I am not doing anything drastic for my back and am going to try strengthening and pain...
  4. stampy

    SSBBWs, do you feel bad secretly?

    I think saying that SSBBWs must feel bad about themselves sounds like some internalized fat phobia. I am about 400 pounds, and I feel fine. I love my figure and the way fat pools onto my form in soft mounds and rolls. I have an arthritis problem, but it is something everyone in my family...
  5. stampy

    What is your weight right now?

    I am around 394. Just six more pounds until I hit the 400 club. I can only hope the revolution will be televised.
  6. stampy

    "I Love Those Guys that Love Bellies" appreciation thread

    This was a great thread to bump! Bellies are so great...i even have a secret name for mine. It is like she has a mind of her own. Bellies are nature's perfect pillows. 3 cheers for bellies, mine, yours, and every belly!
  7. stampy

    health problems: arthritis vs. bariatric surgery

    Thank you so much for this reply. It makes me feel a lot better about not getting surgery. I really appreciate it. I am going to see what an anti-inflammatory diet involves and if I could stick to it. And I will ask about the injections. When i am done with physical therapy, there is an...
  8. stampy

    health problems: arthritis vs. bariatric surgery

    I have a health dilemma. I have bad arthritis in my back and my doctor is pushing weight loss as the solution. She has recommended weight loss surgery, which I really don't want to have but want the benefits it offers, like losing weight to finally be treated by doctors instead of being told to...
  9. stampy

    2019 Singles Party! *Meet and Greet Time*

    Name: stampy/Sarah Age: almost 38 Where: North Central Ohio Gender:cis female Identify as: SSBBW Interested in: Male identifying people Occupation: disabled/content producer Status: single, never married, no kids, one cat Looking For: friends, a best friend, a lover, a soulmate (but that is a...
  10. stampy

    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    the dress looks beautiful on you! If you're nervous about it you could always wear some leggings with it. :-) Here is a recent picture of me. Worshiping the flying spaghetti monster, i guess :-P
  11. stampy

    Change A Letter - 4 Letters: Part 2

    Pram-rump :-)
  12. stampy

    What's your latest kick?

    my fibromyalgia is causing me pain so I am eating a lot of convenience food since I am too tired to cook. I don't think I can stomach another $3 frozen pizza! I want to make bread from scratch really bad. I have all the ingredients for whole wheat artisanal bread, but it seems like a big...
  13. stampy

    Fall is in the air. Can you feel it?!?!?

    I've had to get my sweaters out because it is chilly here and my two favorites have holes in them. I am going to get some cat patches off etsy to repair them. :p
  14. stampy

    Fall is in the air. Can you feel it?!?!?

    I can't wait for a fall festival funnel cake! :smitten:
  15. stampy

    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Me and Callie the calico