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Recent content by stan_der_man

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  1. stan_der_man

    Random FOODEE Thoughts and Confessions

    Last night I opened up a bottle of Guinness Draught beer and went to take a quick sip out of the bottle right before pouring it into a glass. I noticed that the beer made a weird sort of glug glug sound and didn't seem to pore out of the bottle into my mouth like other beers. I initially...
  2. stan_der_man

    The Best Pizza I've Ever Had Was..........

    I'm not usually into "gourmet" this or that kind of food, but there is a gourmet pizza restaurant in the city of Redlands, CA where I work that had one pizza that I really like. The pizza is called the "Brando", the ingredients are: Cream cheese, pesto sauce, pepperoni, sausage, cashews, angel...
  3. stan_der_man

    Thank you

    California memories... The Girls http://i646.photobucket.com/albums/uu184/jakslak/Soc_B/01_the_girls.jpg Juvenal acts of terrorism http://i646.photobucket.com/albums/uu184/jakslak/Soc_B/02_assult.jpg The stare-down...
  4. stan_der_man

    Is BBW the most PC term?

    I know this is bit of a thread derail, but I've been wondering this for a while... Maybe I'm naive of how the magazine business works, but I would think you are sitting on a potential gold mine here owning the copyright to BBW Magazine? I imagine you have decent advertisement revenue income...
  5. stan_der_man

    Is BBW the most PC term?

    You would be amazed Conrad, many of the younger people have no idea where the term "BBW" came from. Even if you attempted to enforce your trademark on the term "BBW", court precedent regarding words that become popular terminology such as "xeroxing" (from Xerox) and "tivo-ing" (from Tivo) have...
  6. stan_der_man

    Thank you

    I can tell you that Mtnmaiden, Junior and I have enjoyed getting to know you and the time we have spent together with you D... We will miss you very much! These two videos sum up the good times... And the good times yet to be had in the future! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zjjso7I0f2c...
  7. stan_der_man

    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    Yessssss! Vindication... :D ;)
  8. stan_der_man

    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    I think there needs to be a geek appreciation week... :p ;)
  9. stan_der_man

    A Punk and New Wave Thread

    Here's one a classmate reminded me of recently... although this is more Ska than Punk or New Wave. A flashback to 1985: Fishbone "Party at Ground Zero" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrONIb9gQ-k ...
  10. stan_der_man

    The Thread for Random Single Confessions Part ... I don't know what Part

    I confess to such levels of geekyness that I enjoyed soldering together a RS-232 serial port loopback test connector today that is wired for testing ports with DTR/DSR hardware flow control on or off! :)
  11. stan_der_man

    SF get together on 4/10?

    Thanks for posting the photos Jay! Bdog is an incredible photographer / videographer!
  12. stan_der_man

    visiting LA, OC and san fran in july :)

    Unfortunately July isn't a good time for Mtnmaiden and I, but if something else happens before then in the area, we'd gladly join in! :)
  13. stan_der_man

    Club Catalina

    Club Catalina
  14. stan_der_man

    SF get together on 4/10?

    Thanks J, we did have a good time! I'll see if we can get the crew together for the next time, it would be great to meet up with you in SF! :)
  15. stan_der_man

    Sat. May 1st, San Francisco May Day Celebration!

    I would be more than honoured to attend this great event Mr. Earle, but alas the commute is too far for me to do at the moment. I hope you all have a fabulous time which I know will be had given the caliber of those in attendance! And by all means, photo-document this event! :)