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    BBW Lady Luck - by Marlow

    YESSSS!!! From the BEGINNING I have been shipping Addie with the captain! And she's fatter than ever, I love that for her! This has been such an adventure! I hope this isn't the end...I want to see Adelaide and Captain Muir sail off into the sunset and Boreas fatten Zephyra back up again!
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    BHM Saturday

    After a while, Alyssa got ready and they drove to the restaurant. She looked stunning in a figure-hugging red sweater dress and drop earrings. Aaron turned down the car radio and said, "That's a great dress, honey. Is it new?" "What, this old thing? It was Wanda's, she couldn't fit into it...
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    BHM Saturday

    Happy Valentine's Day! Saturday by stevita Aaron awoke with a start. He didn't remember his whole dream, but it had been an unsettling one. There'd been a bang, then a whir and flurry of machinery and a flash of pain… Groggily, he sat up in bed and glanced at the digital display of the...
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    BHM/FFA stalking question. Kind of a downer thread.

    I have been stalked and abused by one of my previous partners. Yes, he happened to be fat, but I don't think his fatness had anything to do with his behavior. The fact of the matter is I gravitate towards fat men as a default. This particular man just happened to have issues with his mother and...
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    Happily engaged to my feedee! I'm so fucking happy I could die

    Happily engaged to my feedee! I'm so fucking happy I could die
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    BHM Waldo Wyde - Circus Fat Man

    Love this story! Great characters, wonderful romance and immersive world building. Definitely gonna give this a reread in the future!
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    When do you decide a story is done? (How big is too big?)

    Here's the trick for writing a long story. In every chapter, answer a question that was raised to the reader earlier in the story. Then, give the reader a new question to ask.
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    BOTH 2084

    TWENTY-TWO Cassandra opted for a bath that day instead of a shower. Sometimes it was nice to just lie down, submerged in the comfortable water. She could hold her breath for a solid ten minutes thanks to the super-soldier serum she'd stolen from the government. Victoria had probably been a key...
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    BOTH 2084

    Thanks so much! And thanks for your continued readership!
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    BOTH 2084

    PART FOUR: F IS FOR FAMILY TWENTY-ONE Cassandra had always envisioned for herself a softer world. It started with the boys at school; she had always pursued the sweet, shy, pudgy ones who would hold her in their arms and bind her down to the mattress. It was her comfort in a society that was...
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    BOTH 2084

    TWENTY Over the next few weeks, life in the house in Richmond returned to what Cindy assumed was normal for the New Resistance. Anymore, there were only three things that were shipped en masse in manned containers: liquor, tobacco, and munitions. The days had Ty out of the house, usually with...
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    BOTH 2084

    NINETEEN The euphoric high hit him instantly and he laughed in spite of himself. This was nice. He definitely felt better, his cares melting away as a full-body sense of relaxation came over him. He felt like he was floating off on a cloud. The next thing that hit him was an intense and...
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    BOTH 2084

    EIGHTEEN After an hour on foot, they reached base: a sprawling mansion in the middle of nowhere with three cars parked in front. "That there's Ty's," whispered Mal, pointing out a red electric beauty with four doors and a sleek, aerodynamic build. "Gift from a mysterious benefactor." Ty, for...