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  1. stuffedbellylover

    Here's some of my latest work.

    Haven´t been on much, Ricky... but it´s a pleasure to see all of the art that´s new to me! Best wishes, Chris
  2. stuffedbellylover

    My gaining journey thus far.

    Great curves you added, Ana! Best wishes, Chris
  3. stuffedbellylover

    BOTH Beer League Season 1 (SWG Both)

    Is this story done now? Or will there be new chapters soon please? Best wishes, Chris
  4. stuffedbellylover

    Here's some of my latest work.

    Great art as usual! Best wishes, Chris
  5. stuffedbellylover

    What is your weight right now?

    Congrats to all of you achieving their goals... regardelss if it is about losing weight (Veggieforever) or gaining some (Melissa, Kit et al.!) :-) All the best, Chris
  6. stuffedbellylover

    Your skinniest and fattest pics - Part 2!

    @ChubbyFairy: Nice to know you are overcoming anorexia! I think you look far better now! Keep fighting! All the best, Chris
  7. stuffedbellylover

    Before And After Pic

    Great stuff, Iona! Best wishes, Chris
  8. stuffedbellylover

    STUFFED belly pics

    Great jobs Aurora and Kit! All the best, Chris
  9. stuffedbellylover

    Shoshie stacks it on

    Hey Shosh, how cute you look in that dress! :-) Best wishes, Chris
  10. stuffedbellylover

    Plot or Gain?

    Looking at the matter with the eyes of an author the plot comes before the gain without any question... but I have to admit that my characters barely gain any weight as my story are mostly stuffing related... Looking at it as a reader I like the authors who really care about the plot rather...
  11. stuffedbellylover

    What comes first? Plot or characters?

    Hi! As a writer myself (even if I haven´t published a thing in 2 years) I think it depends on... Sometimes you have a straight kind of frame you want to go and you develop the characters by writting it all down... but sometime you also feel the need to develop the characters at first and...
  12. stuffedbellylover

    Here's some of my latest work.

    Great work, Ricky! Best wishes, Chris
  13. stuffedbellylover

    Toni Tail's Fat Art :)

    Nice work! Best wishes, Chris
  14. stuffedbellylover

    My Commissions w/ Jeff Plotkin (aka EmperorNortonII)/Bellies, Stuffing, Gaining

    Hello Critters! Thank you for the tips! I will hand them over to Jeff who has drawn the comics as me (the poster) is just the creator of ideas and commission payer! :-) Best wishes, Chris
  15. stuffedbellylover

    Shoshie stacks it on

    You have plans to get pregnant, Shosh? Good luck for that endeavour! :-) All the best, Chris