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    Your skinniest and fattest pics - Part 2!

    Not my skinniest but definitely my fattest. Same outfit four months apart!!
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    When the world isn't made for your weight.....

    I have the fetish side of me that thinks it would be really fun to break something, but the reality is that I dont like attention and when its happened Ive always felt odd. I have a sense of humor about it, but Im also like ugh really! seriously!!! Also-just wishing the world was a little bit...
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    What makes you Feel AWESOME! Everyone Participate Version

    Finally moving to a decent house in a good area. Traveling. And fall! So happy its fall!
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    Netflix - What Are Your Current Favorite Movies Or TV Shows

    I regularly re-watch The Office. I really liked Stranger Things! Currently open to suggestions for new stuff though!
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    The biggest I've ever been!

    I feel softer, and I can feel more jiggle when I'm moving. Not gonna lie, its a HUGE turn on. Also omg my appetite is ridiculous!
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    Need to admin

    I saw that, And maybe you could try sending me a message so I can show you the payment confirmation? There is no way to message you on your profile.
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    Need to admin

    Not sure if you're aware, but there is no way to message Admin. There is no "start conversation" option, so I was a little at a loss for what to do!
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    Need to admin

    I can’t message admin and I’ve tried reaching out to moderators, can someone please get back to me?
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    The biggest I've ever been!

    So I'm enjoying these new rolls and such with enthusiasm. I feel like a mountain of a woman!
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    Christmas Weight Gain

    So this is my favorite time of year, because DUH, all of the delicious and festive food! I've been putting on weight pretty consistently this year, But my feeder surprised me with this 25 days of xmas gaining challenge, so we are adding extra meals that are festive and fun every day. Im really...
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Here I am, been really into showing my belly is public lately ������
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    The sensation of jiggling

    I love love LOVE this feeling! I've been really into my belly lately, When I'm eating I find my hands always going to my belly. I've gotten so big now I can really feel it when I'm walking too, its very erotic.
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Thank you!
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    I don't often take selfies, but here you go!
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    When/how did you notice, "Wow, I got fat?!"

    It's gotten ridiculous lol I want fast food for every meal, and I want like four or five BIG meals a day!