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  • It's definitely getting to be hibernation weather, that's for sure! I enjoy curling up with a good book too. Enjoy your inside days, it's the season! Have a great one!
    SO MUCH RAIN. Haha. It's been torrential for a few days now. Driving in it was awful.Gives me a good reason to just stay home and get all cozy. Loads of Chinese food and Sean Penn. ;) Even tough broads like to watch movies in their pj's on rainy weekend. :)

    And thanks for the offer of your ear. It's very sweet and much appreciated. The same offer for you as well, Mr.

    You're just north of me a bit then, I'm in Eastern Washington. You get Seattle weather, lol. Right, sleep, what's that? If you ever need a random ear to vent to, I've got a PM with your name on it. Highly therapeutic. Lol. :)
    I'm starting to run a second restaurant tomorrow, which is exciting and enjoying fall beers and egg nog, lol. Hoping for a real winter this year. Not as much a concern for you! I'd guess? How have you been?
    Hey Surly. Just thought I'd drop by and see if you'd dissed on any hipsters lately. Lol. Have a blessed Samhain.
    HI sureley thanks for dead thread tip back then :) funny what you say about a your neighbours i once knew nice woman who had the same problem ;-)
    Hey there, Ms. Surly! Thanks for popping my visitor message cherry! Glad I could return the favor! ;)
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