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    What's freaking you right the fruck out?

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    oy, it's letters to people and things, part deuce!

    Dear Dims Good luck! -Suze
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    Are there any feedees in this community that are not paysite models?

    but yet those 15 people told you about it. how odd.
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    help me for halloween!

    Thanks for the great suggestions!
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    help me for halloween!

    hai hai:) wanted to ask here because americans seems MUCH more creative when it comes to halloween (and other special accations in general). there is going to be dusins of witches, vampyres etc so i want to stear away from any of that. i already have some sort of vision: my ideal look wuld...
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    More crazy shoes

    stupid character rule
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    I'm Real!!!!

    considering she's diabetic, that's not the best advice.
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    The HOTTER Boy Thread (aka: The Hot Boy Thread - The Sequel)

    Colin Firth & Eirik from KoC
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    packaging vs. real life

    the tender-thingy actually looked better irl! ETA: yeah, i know it's a drawing lol :P
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    More crazy shoes

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    Question for those who edit in the Library.

    why is it so hard to admit when you're wroooooong
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    The BBW Call-In Show: FAs ask your questions

    I also love looking at well-dressed women. Must admit it's much more exciting to spot a fashionable fat woman, since the slender ones are everywhere. One of my closest friends have said herself that she knows she dress sloppy and doesn't care. She's probably the most confident & free-spirited...
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    What did you buy today?

    that's my plan! thanks ;D
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    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    looking shabby and having fun.